Good information diminishes the fear of birth

The rate of cesarean section in the developed world - including Canada - is about 10-20 percent higher than that suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the University of British Columbia, this number can be reduced if women are informed about pregnancy and childbirth in time.Kathrin Stoll has studied and from this point of view, this is not at all justified. Mostly, they are motivated by fear: eight out of 10 are afraid of childbirth; More than 3,600 women were enrolled in the study, with 1,346 feeling unaware of her pregnancy knowledge. However, women (2043 persons) who had a good knowledge of the physiological process, said that they wanted to conceive despite having a healthy pregnancy in only 9 percent. For women without proper background knowledge, this rate is significantly higher than 14 percent. "It would be important to reduce the proportion of unreasonable it takes a while like a vaginal birth, "says Kathrin Stoll.