Tertiary tobacco smoke is also dangerous for children

You must have known that passive smoking has a deleterious effect on the little ones, but have you ever heard that tertiary cigarettes are at least as good?

Tertiary tobacco smoke is also dangerous for children

What is Tertiary Tobacco?

Tertiary tobacco smoke remains deposited after smoking a cigarette, practically infiltrating itself into furniture, clothes, walls, and even into people's bodies. That's why when you step into a smoky home, you can immediately feel the smell of cigarettes not only in the air, but also on the skin, in the breath, even when it's not cooked. whose lungs are still in development and often stay in the home.

It's not enough to smoke on the terrace

Two recent studies have proven the health impact of this on the little ones. One was published in Tobacco Control, a journal published by researchers at the University of Cincinnati. 25 small children found high levels of nicotine in their hands, whose parents were smokers. What's more, most of them showed the poisonous compound in their stomachs. home, but unfortunately that is not the case, "he said Melinda Mahabee-Gittens, one of the researchers. "These researches call attention to the fact that the only way we can protect our little ones from tobacco smoke is to completely stop smoking cigarettes and ban many things from our home." In the case of 7,000 non-smoking teenagers, the effects of secondary and tertiary smoke were studied. Based on the results, teens whose parents smoked at home, even when not in the presence and in the home, were much more likely to report asthma symptoms, nocturnal were exposed to tobacco smoke. In addition, teenagers in contact with secondary and tertiary cigarettes have also visited the medical treatment for health problems three times. (Via)
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