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Exhausted summer destinations

Baby and small child can only be sure when you are on vacation! Here are three of the domestic faiths we have tried, and we also recommend to you.

Apartment houses from the bird's eye view

Judit Szхdy: Excitement and Sport
This spring we visited for the first time in Szilvásvárad, although many of our friends have heard about it. After searching the Internet, we chose the Szalajka Liget wellness center and we were not disappointed. Instead of the main room rooms, we rented an apartment building where we could have a separate daylight for the next few days. Its own kitchen, large bath and living room fireplace provided a peaceful backdrop for all-day excursions and sports. The drizzle in the pool the night before, the bubble bath was a great job, but we could even get a little into the steamy perfume chambers. Younger children could also find social and activity in the playground. But it is also awaiting us to discover the surroundings. We crossed the Salalka valley along the Szalajka stream with a rented bicycle, stopped the fish ponds, trout breeding, the Rock Spring, the Forest Museum, the Phytol Waterfall, the St. On the Millennium Council, starting on the roof of the equestrian center in Novi Sad, we "climbed" to the Millennium Billboard. We also made fun of the Kalanderdõ wetballs, where the brothers can try themselves at the age of three, but hunger is a great price! Dinner was prepared, small dishes were fed, baby food and - for daddy's sake - milk made with many Hungarian and exotic delicacies.

Beni, Dani and Rebi sopron on the water

Klári Balбnyi: For more demand

So many family members, so many ideas. The boys want to play soccer, daddy ride the bike, the little ones drool, sand and paddle all day in the water. I'm sorry, I don't mind when I don't have to run around a lot with me, I like to spend time on the beach, especially to feel nature close by. Years ago, we found a place near Lake Fertok where no one was bored with our children of all ages, and neither did adults, or adults, enjoy their holiday. Since then, every year, we return to the Kurdish Guest House in Fethiye for at least a few days. If you come here, the preparation is easier: you do not have to pack half the nursery because there is a baby, a feeding, a potty, a playground, an inflatable pool, a sandpit, a ball, a little, table tennis table, place for bacon. They are not usually seen all day long, playing football with the local guys in the meadow or at the castle park. And for a full day's bike tour, we all hike and explore the beaches along the Fertok River with locally available bikes. We also find a swimming pool and a natural waterfront beach with a full day experience beyond the border, a fantasy playground and a water playground. And when it rains, we get into the Lutzmannsburg Bench of Underwater by the side of your car. In one year, we risked a Fertõ Lake canoe, and surely we would have seen more waterfowl, gliders, otters if we were quietly paddling and not enthusiastic about the first glance. The little one will never miss a fairy tale adventure park near St. Margarethen in Austria. As the name implies, not only are the little ones playing games in the huge area, the Gladiator School, the Dependency, the Urschidsa are a real challenge for the big ones.
Bicycles and Watersports:
And a little trip to Austria: Йlményfürdх and Fairytale Adventure Park

Such is the play sailboat

Fodor Marcsi: Fairy Wings

We've been to Bashinfan three times before in the Fairytale, because this is the absolute favorite of my kids every other year. The reason for their enthusiasm lies in the décor of the rooms, because each décor is dyed by a different story. So far, we have tried the sailboat room, where the girls were in their true hair, the royal suite with old furniture and a canopy bed, and most recently the knight's castle, where a real castle wall divided the room. The inspired environment has given them a number of roles to play. The small, family-friendly bed and breakfast has everything for the kids' fun, the outdoor playroom, the free baby stroller, the many storybooks, party games, the bathrooms, the potters, the big sand, the small pelvis and, of course, huge hair made of wood that can be put on a sail. But all the games and opportunities are different with our big dog, Lizi, because in the garden you can play with a big white labrador. (Of course, if the child is afraid of Lizzie being shut up or taken away.)