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Zika: Washington would spend a lot of money to fight the virus

US President Barack Obama calls $ 1.8 billion in Congress for immediate aid to help the US government fund the fight against Zika in the United States and abroad.

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"We know that the disease carries significant risks for women who are pregnant or are planning to have a baby," President Obama said in an interview with CBS television Monday morning. In the President's view, spring and summer are close, and the United States must be prepared for rapid action against the disease. At the same time, Obama waved the panic.
According to the PGI, twenty-six countries in the two continents of the United States have so far registered mosquito-borne infestation by mosquitoes. No one got sick due to an infestation within the United States, but the disease was registered by those who had recently returned from South America, Central America, the Caribbean, or the United States.
According to the White House, between December 15, 2015 and February 5, 2016, there were fifty laboratory-confirmed cases in the United States. All patients had previously been in infected areas. In one case, however, it turned out that the infection occurred within the United States, in Texas, on a sexually explicit basis.
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