Segнtsйg! What is the right reaction to a profane speech?

Ugly words are very attractive to children because of their mysterious incomprehensions. It's exciting to say and see the mom and grandmother running out of blood ... What can we do if the kid is talking badly?

Every mom remembers the first prank that her baby uttered in her mouth. Yeah. We were headed home from school when that particular "k" letter was pronounced. I swallowed a lot and then asked if I had heard well. Yeah, yeah. Well, I was lucky, my grown-up baby believed that she had just overheard the sire, her ovist was just about to share the "coarse" soke with her.

Even a child can bring an appeal to children

Whoa, where did you hear that?

Unfortunately, once your child goes to ward and school, you unfortunately can't decide who to go to. There are so many little children, so many families, so many different habits and expressions. It is very common for us to "bring home" the words of the first prank in the ovibul or the vicious. At this age, the child has heard in the environment sponge up and repeatas well as other unknown sultans and expressions. So just put our hands on our heart and think for a moment if a child at home hears an expression in the mouth of a family that we wouldn't be afraid of if we let go of the table? Should we argue with our couple? Should we put together our favorite coffeeshop? The toddler's treasure at this age imprint of a narrower living environment. And don't be surprised if you use blatant words, your father goes out all day, and your programs run uncontrollably in the background.

What are you saying?

3-5 years old for two reasons can be traced back to the use of bad words: the child or so wants to attract attentionor deportation, haragjбnak makes a sound. In the doorway, the other kid might smile at the prank talk, joke it, and that kind of reinforces the word, "Oh, yeah, look at me, I'm funny, I hate to be in the middle ..." free, that is also a kind of attention to the number. The reaction was in vain, even so gets that attention, what he ended up with. It also confirms this kind of behavior, which says "It's worth talking down, because then everyone listens to me." If you are pleading for anger, you should always tell him not to plead. Don't punish her, just explain to her that it's not nice. It is important that the child knows that there are inappropriate, useless, and words that can hurt and hurt others, and we do not want them to do so.

What can we do?

When you hit our ears something we don't like, the most important rule is not to harass, arrange, or shame the child for it. The worst possible reaction is to respond to verbal aggression by physical aggression. If a child experiences this, he soon learns that these words can have magical power, if he can provoke us so lightly.Of course, we cannot always be there everywhere with our child, but be aware that the less the negative effect Write them down. A child left in front of a television or computer can more easily suppress this kind of negative verbalism. Set a limit on these activities and do not rely on the age bracelet unconditionally. Prуbбljunk home can be ignored of course, sometimes we may ask for one, but then we shouldn't admit it, let's admit that we made a mistake, "Yeah, this nonsense is down, and I don't like it when I'm nervous, but I try to keep an eye on myself because it's not nice and stupid to say that. "In fact, we could ask the child to give birth to us if something goes wrong with our mouths. Of course, the source of the problem may be the fact that there are a few ovists in the kindergarten who regularly cheat. In this case, consult the ovens and try to find a solution to the problem together.

Replace our petition repertoire

The solution many people use is to replace old "well done" complaints when the baby is born with salon or a little funny verziуkra. This way, the tension lead is successful, but we do not glue stupid words to the child either.Here's an alternative:
  • irgum-burgum cérnajбnos / bйla
  • the ringing
  • for the man to take it
  • the cat rings
  • in the room
  • bass wrench (this is already very strong)
  • the dog's head
  • the dog's foil
  • the cat whiskers it
  • get your dog up
  • everything
  • the weekly board
  • that week and the eight
  • the miracle
  • thousands of broc and sails