My Favorite Pagony BookCart for Kids

Bogyу and Babуca, Rumini, Shoe Shoe and Boribon: It's a great time for a kid to draw his favorite pagan fairy tales, or maybe follow up on familiar stories.

Drawing on the reader
You can't start early!
With the title "My Favorite Pagony Book", Bratislava Pagony is announcing a cartoon which is celebrating its 10th birthday this autumn. With this creative competition, the publisher wants to highlight the importance of reading, the passion for books, and the fact that you can't get to grips with exciting reading ahead of time. In October, all of the curling stones were exhibited at the Pethfi Literary Museum in Bratislava Pagony.
All you need to do is search the bookshelf and find your favorite Pagony reading, whether it's Rumini, Bogyu and Babuca, Pipogya, Boribon or other favorite fairy tale, and draw inspiration for your drawings. Any technique you can use to create your artwork - colored pencils, water colors, chalk, graphite and more - is to get them on A4 paper. Applications are invited for the following category: Graduate School (3-6 years old, 7-10 years old): Pozsonyi Pagony Budapest, 1137, Pozsonyi u. 26. Don't forget to include your name, age, and email address on the drawing page of your company! Published editors, illustrators, and prizes for artwork.
The deadline for submitting applications is 30 September 2011.
The Bratislava Pagony
Bratislava's Pagony Budapest is the first children's bookstore where 0-14 year-olds and their parents get the widest selection of books from their parents. Everything can be found in one place - on the Bratislava Street in Budapest and on the World Wide Web - books, magazines, music and fairy tales CDs, DVDs, slideshows, social and social games, as well as other magazines.
The Pagony Children's Bookstore in Bratislava was established in Budapest in 2001 (the first bookstore in the country) with the aim of including children's literature from the periphery of the literary literature into the literature, start early. Experience shows that the majority of parents do not know what to buy for their children, they do not know the electorate, they cannot decide at what age what is the best book for their children, and teachers do not have to list of obligatory or recommended references.
To fill this gap, in 2006 the Bratislava Pagony began to gradually convert to publishing children's books. It is intended to help you find the most exciting, educational, and entertaining readings, helping thousands of families to become familiar with quality children's literature. This year's 10-year edition includes Boribon, Maszat, Bogyу and Babúca's little stories of the little ones, here is Rumin's immaculately adventurous series of well-known rumors, The Wonderful Adventures of Wonder and Cushion, Pipogya, budapa. In 10 years, a total of 100 successful books have been published in care of the publisher.