Diabetes: What Does HbA1c Mean?

Diabetes is a very common cause of ъn. HbA1C Translator. But what does its high standard mean and what can be done then? Inquiries were made by dr. Marietta Porochnavecz, Diabetes Center of the Diabetes Center, responds.

What is HbA1c?

HbA1c is a subunit of hemoglobin capable of binding glucose. Since the blood is viable for 100-120 days, the average age of the blood in the blood sample is 60 days, which is two months. Therefore, the values ​​of HbA1c only provide light for this period. HbA1c has been measured since the late 1970s. In healthy people, it ranges from 20 mmol / mol to 42 mmol / mol (below 6.0%), while in diabetic patients it is between 48 mmol / mol and 59 mmol / mol (6.5-7.5%). It's worth knowing that HbA1c is more for monitoring the therapy of people with diabetes, in addition to making a diagnosis, you also need a glucose load. It is important to know the blood glucose values ​​measured for self-administered diabetes because high blood sugar fluctuations can also be good for HbA1c.High HbA1c Values ​​Increase Risk of Diabetes History

What if the values ​​are too high?

inasmuch high value of HbA1c, informs about inadequate carbohydrate metabolism. The higher the level of blood sugar, the more hemoglobin is bound to the sugar, which after a while is not able to remove the blood glucose. The high risk of high levels of HbA1c and glucose to increase the risk of diabetes mellitus in the long term is due to the increased persistence of HbA1c the patient may lose all state support for analogues to insulins.Diabetes is not suitable for the following cases:
  • terhessйg
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • "fresh" diabetes
  • acute pancreatic disease
  • drug-induced hyperglycemia
  • hemoglobinopбtiбk
  • condition anemia
  • veseelйgtelensйg
  • mбjelйgtelensйg
  • dialнzis
  • HIV fertхzйs

Every 3 months you need to measure it

Due to the lifetime of blood cells, HbA1c levels should be monitored every 3 months. Today, we are talking about the target range: its value is determined by age, cancer and diabetes. In the case of values ​​above 8%, therapy should be modified, primarily lifestyle modifications. Diet and exercise have a lower glucose level, so HbA1c values ​​will be better. "That's why good results can be achieved with lifestyle medicine," says dr. Porochnavecz Marietta, Diabetes Center for Diabetes.
"Because there are cases where the value of HbA1c does not give you reliable information about your blood sugar level, so we use fructusamine, which is linked to white and not to Hb. "

This is how HbA1c values ​​can be reduced

  • dietitian, personalized diet
  • regular exercise
  • appropriately adjusted drug / insulin therapy
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