An investigation into the baby boy sent from one house to another has begun

The bot caught the eye of a little boy during the outing, according to the mother, and they didn't want to care for the little boy in two of them. Hospitals outperform the picture, and investigations are underway.

A mum told the RTL Club news that she was unwilling (or, in the first case, could not) care for a baby boy who had suffered an accident during her outing, two at a time in a Budapest hospital.An investigation into the baby boy sent from one house to another has begun
The wound of the boy, who was injured during the trip, was heavily bleeding, the parents called for rescue and the boy was taken to Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kurzhaz, but at the institution they could not bear. The reason for this was that there was no child anesthesia in the institution, so they could not have had a safe surgery. that we could not support the little boy without them. Finally, bribing on a neighboring street, he managed to somehow negotiate that he could be brought there, but when they reached the institute, a doctor said that if they didn't bring in a "paper" (exactly what document they had failed to receive) kid - says the Index. Finally, the child was admitted to the appropriate ward. This is:
"The Semmelweis University Szemйszeti Klinikбjбra 2019 бprilis 18 бn, csьtцrtцkцn dйlutбn йrkezх, the child had an accident intйzmйnyben kнvьl line, the profession szabбlyainak megfelelхen ellбttбk, fьggetlenьl attуl to this day the clinic was not kijelцlt the sьrgхssйgi ьgyeletre fхvбrosi intйzmйnyek kцzцtt. The Department of Ophthalmology performs this task on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. interrupted, immediately began the examination of the child, and in accordance with professional principles, performed an ultrasound and a CT examination, which clearly demonstrated that there was no perforation of the perforation of the eyes or the patient. In the area 0-24, anesthetic care for children is in operation, as emergency surgery was not required, and ophthalmic surgery is scheduled for the next day. The parents received full oral information from the ward doctor. During the operation on friday, the cornea was damaged and the corneal wound was repaired. As the child was poorly ill, she was sent to a pediatric clinic in the University following her surgery, and after that she Patient turned around and performed 6 emergency operations for the wound team supervisor. The pбciensek jelentхs rйsze mбs intйzmйnyekbхl бtirбnyнtott ambulбns was sick, "the index of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Kуrhбz also forwarded to the kцzlemйnyйt". Not the gyermekaneszteziolуgiбhoz йrtх professionals hiбny бll hбtterйben the case, but that kуrhбzunk not gyermekkуrhбz, children under 3 йv нgy aneszteziolуgiai we do not have instrument readiness. Ezйrt йppen child йrdekйben йs professional ajбnlбsoknak megfelelхen tцrtйnt the бtirбnyнtбs leнrt the highest szintы, speciбlis ellбtбst nyъjtу szolgбltatуnak.Az Цnцk posts by these people in case Orszбgos Mentхszolgбlat Fхorvosi йs Szuperьgyeleti Osztбlya - Kцzponti Бgynyilvбntartу - bejelentkezйse utбn immediately megfelelх beutalбsi the order, the felkйszьlt ellбtбsra intйzmйnybe We have anesthesiology and Intensive Care at the moment there are 16 specialists in the Anesthesiology Department who have anestheticology for the child. their little boy is completely satisfying, got it, no problem with the system, though he says "this is definitely not the case".
In order to take care of the little boy in the SOTE clinic despite the fact that this institution was not the guardian, the father thought it was true, but only after his superior had asked the doctor to examine or the old lady herself asked for her baby boy to go. Or he asked, "but who would have been the ward then? The Bajcsy Hospital also rejected us. They wanted to be returned there." no killing or foreign bodies in the eye. At the same time, the father said they were told that something was definitely not going to be seen at the time of the visit. "It seems from CT writing that there is a need for a review," he added. In a letter to SOTE, he also said how many people were being hit on a big note: The father said, "It's a lot for a team. I hope they helped everyone. Thank you all for your work, and I'm sorry that our little boy is healing, we are very fortunate. who wrote the letter to try to provide the best possible working conditions for everyone, that everyone could get the best benefit, not to apologize, and to "sympathize" with patients' complaints. " shouldn't we reconsider emergency medical care, Emmi first he replied to the NEP that it was a matter for the hospitals, not the ministry. However, a subsequent request was forwarded to the National Center for Neapolitan Affairs, where the response was received that an inquiry was opened on April 26. What the exact purpose of the examination is, your subject, aren't knowing anything.