Here is the bend in Budapest

Budapest has never had a bend, now a 14-month-old girl is being cared for in a capital city hospital who has not yet received protection against a bend.

The bend here in Budapest?In Budapest, a 14-month-old child is being nursed with a curvature infection who, due to his or her age, has not yet been able to receive protection - reports medicalonline dr. Based on reviews by Hunor Novák. Protection against curvature was obtained at 15 months in the form of a combined vaccine for children (MMR vaccination), followed by 11 years A 14-month-old Hungarian baby who has not been vaccinated because of his age has become infected, and he is currently living in one of the big hospitals in Budapest - this is what dr. Andrea Kulcsárr, an infectologist, has also confirmed it.
The baby's bending infection has been confirmed by laboratory tests, and it is certain that he was infected in Budapest, in fact, from asymptomatic people who could bring the bend from the surrounding countries. The baby is not infectious anymore, but it is not known that he could have caught the disease. A bend is one of the most infectious diseases, a bend patient infects 11-18 other people. It spreads from human to human, with vomiting up to two times in the air. It has a latency of 6 to 19 days, with symptoms similar to flu: fever, loss of mood, malaise, cough, inflammation of the vulva, and appearance of bumps throughout the body. 5 days before the appearance of rabies, the patient becomes infected and 4 days afterwards. The patient with a bend should be evacuated.Dr. Andrea Kulcsárr said that babies can be vaccinated at the earliest 9 months, but then the defect disappears sooner, so they need another MMR at 15 months and 11 years. From the age of 12 months onwards, the immune response at birth to the baby's maternal antibodies is not blocked, so you get a fuller immune response, so you don't have to give the vaccine 15 months later, but before when traveling with a child to a country where your country is much more likely to turn around (Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Italy, England) or to meet people traveling to these countries.Related articles in bends:
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