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How is the sugar-load test done?

The purpose of the sugar-load test is to determine how the maternal body uses glucose. The examination can easily determine the presence of gestational diabetes.

How is the sugar-load test done?

The sugar-load test during pregnancy care, pregnancy rates 24-28. week. If you have diabetes during your previous pregnancy, before or during your pregnancy, you may have an early examination.


The stressful sugar test in the morning, йhgyomorra is done. You should not have breakfast before the exam. Breakfast coffee or tea is also forbidden without freshening. The test should only drink water in the morning. The first thing to do is check your fasting blood sugar level. This should be followed by drinking the already prepared sugar syrup (Usually 75 g of glucose Many recommend that you take a lemon with you to counterbalance the sugar solution. 2-3 cups of sweet liquid should be drunk in 3-4 minutes and then 120 minutes later They take blood from the baby. In this space, two have to be at rest, they cannot eat or drink. After 120 minutes, there is a good thing to do with a blood test and after that you should not drink or eat a couple of snacks, but it is strongly recommended that you take the test (especially if Take most snacks with you. Usually most mothers do not experience any symptoms during the examination, at most the hunger and thirst during the period of pregnancy which can be somewhat stressful. In the event of congestion, call the nurse / doctor immediately.


If the result of the blood test after 120 minutes is worth If you are above 7.8 mmol / l, you will be pregnant with diabetes. If you do not exceed these values ​​you will not be pregnant with diabetes (diabetes). If pregnancy diabetes is confirmed, you should consult a diaetologist and a dietician to help maintain your blood sugar level. with the right lifestyle and diet.Related articles in Pregnant Diabetes: