Posthumous Warming: The Easier Requests

No matter how wonderful pregnancy and the advent of childbirth, no matter how exciting the first few months are together, our bodies will certainly undergo major changes during this time.

The lack of sexual desire

With a newborn in our arms, we think sex is the least ... and it also has hormonal causes. Decreased levels of estrogen and testosterone combined with lower libido and vaginal fat. We need at least three months to get our hormonal system back to its pre-pregnancy state (if you breastfeed, this process may take longer). Muscles and tissues in the pelvis can also be in a convincing state, which can cause pain. Sleeplessness, stress in a new life situation, and the altered dynamics of a relationship can also affect our perceptions of sexuality. The solution: allow enough time for ourselves (and for our couple, of course), and slowly, carefully, re-establishing our relationship. Emphasize Intimacy: It is not the only sexual act that is the only way to express our attraction! In case of vagina or pain, you can try estrogen-containing naps, but a hot bath can help a lot.What Changes In Our Body After Birth?

Increased gasification

It is quite normal - even if it is very unpleasant - for us to spit out more after birth. Parenting can affect the pelvic floor muscles, ligaments, nerves and therefore temporarily lose control of the muscles of the pelvis. This usually goes away in just a few weeks, but intimate gymnastics can do a lot to strengthen your muscles.

Filled sleeve

After childbirth, it is necessary for a few weeks for the vagina to regain elasticity and return (at least approximated) to its previous size. Because hormones also play a major role, breastfeeding may extend this time. Exercises for strengthening pelvic floor muscles can also be useful here.


It is a very unpleasant problem, but surprisingly many women suffer from dripping or stress incontinence, which means that when you cough, holy, laugh, or even move around, you have a small amount of urine. As with previous problems, this can be traced back to weakened pelvic floor muscles and tissues. Intimate gymnastics helps to strengthen the affected area, but also make sure that we do not force ourselves too much or lift heavy objects. It is also important to pay attention to your diet, as the onset of dementia can only further deteriorate our condition. (Via)Also worth reading:
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