A diagnostic center was named after Endre Czeizel

The Czeizel Institute carries on the renowned genetic heritage of Endre Czeizel.

Czeizel Endre his children, celebrities and newcomers were also present at the event Health and Diagnostic Center - paying tribute to the Hungarian genetic heritage - added the Czeizel Institute laugh. The work of the center and the professor has been intertwined in the past: its professional guidance and spirit have always shaped the aims and development of the diagnostic center.
Colleagues and well-known people celebrated his birthday on the occasion of the death of a genetic professor last August who was named the diagnostic center of the year in Budapest. The Health and Diagnostic Center from April 1 Czeizel Institute it works under the name.

Czeizel Barbara and Merhala Zoltбn

"The center and Professor Czeizel Her work has been intertwined in the past: her professional guidance and spirit have always shaped the goals and development of the diagnostic center. This is the work of many decades to come Czeizel Endre your near birthday gives you a reason to Czeizel Institute let's keep working and make our memories work, "he said. Merhala Zoltбn, the head of the institute, with decades of working relationships and friendship with the geneticist.
THE Czeizel Institute is the state-of-the-art ultrasound device in Hungary, and it is also a practical introduction to the center for innovative solutions such as maternal blood fetal DNA testing, which is measured in the fetus. "Through various special examinations during the pregnancy period, we seek to provide infant, toddler, and adult health services Czeizel Endre she had a dream model for disease prevention.
Our institution's activities in the field of family planning and up-to-date examination and care of fetal life development also cover the post-natal period "- he explained Merhala Zoltбn. Head of Department Highlights: Name Changes Czeizel Endre He came to life, and the professor acknowledged and even expressly authorized Merhala Zoltбnt that the institution where he worked for years would bear his name after his death.Czeizel Barbara, the professor's girlfriend talked about how important the center of her father's life was, which has now taken its name. "In the last years of his illness, he has always been given the power here: he continued his research, consulted here, and liked to pass on his knowledge to younger colleagues. to be the diagnostic center Czeizel Institute it continues to work. "

I'm famous in the Nevada

People known in the name also took part - people who were personally connected Czeizel to Endreand well-known parents who agree with the professor's often emphasized prevention, its importance. The Nevada was present Krisztina Hadas, Dobу Бgi, Adob ​​Csobot, Krisztina Polgбr йs Thank you Vivien.
A video unseen before has been filmed on this site and recorded in the last weeks of its life Doctor Czeizel. Along these lines, the name of the institute, with its renaming, aims to Czeizel Institute both in his services and in his professional creed, he continues to work along the lines of genetic values.
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