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The smaller it is, the lighter it is

The justice of the company is dr. Péter Krasznai, Péterterfy Sándor Street Hospital said it was a baby girl, that is, the mother of the butter should stay on her feet for longer, not be tied up.

Mothers can also know by experience how much exercise and alternative birth aids help both physically and mentally.

Walk, let's go

Here in Peterburg, she was born twenty-six years ago, taking advantage of what was then known as epidural anesthesia (EDA). Over the years, a purple wall, an irish rubber ball, and a chair have been added to the room, and most of them are used by moms.
“After we were the first to introduce EDA,” says Dr. Krasznai, “this method is very widespread among us. In many institutions, it is always the practice of ordering a baby to be pregnant when introducing the cannula. We do, however, give the so-called walk-in EDB, so we allow the pregnant mother freedom of movement. We encourage you to take a walk, sit on the ball, stand next to the ribbed wall or step on it, so that you don't lie down. The movement of the mother is much better when moving or living, which is very important from a physiological point of view, not to mention that she can almost always feel herself to be her own.

You have a place

In practice, so many mothers who have received EDB can get through a combination of alternative treatments during the most fertile part of the birth.
The ball in Peterhof is simple, inexpensive, but its value is expressed not by its price but by its utility.
- It is a relatively small investment to buy such a device, but rather a lot of personality. I think in modern birthing, there is a place for a new method, if we can help the mother with us. So I think every institution should get at least a ball and a ribbed wall.
The Romanian rubber ball can cover any weight baby. If the mother has decided to use this tool, she will need support. The helper can be the midwife or the outsider person (most often the father). Peter Krasznai had never heard of anyone falling off the ball.


Normally, all positions are better than lying, the doctor says, so moms can use low stools in the hospital. You can also choose this option if you want to alleviate your need for hard work. In the "finale", you can decide again to lie on the bed or bring the baby to light in the parents' room.
- This tool has been used for hundreds of years by babies and has been rediscovered by the modern age. It is a fact that it is a bit more difficult for a physician assisting the parent and the nurse. But I confess that we must adapt to the mother, not the other way around.


Almost everywhere, it is customary to check the baby's voices regularly during the birth.
- During the monitoring, the mother is immediately attached to a sensing head connected to a machine. It is very important to watch your baby, because the essence of birth is to get everything in time and, if necessary, to intervene in the interests of the mother and the baby. But monitoring is no obstacle for mom to move around freely. Flying head here or there, the mother must be given the same opportunity to use the ball as well as the narrow one. We are also planning to create the conditions for traversal over time. In some hospitals this is already a successful and successful method because the warm water is relaxed, in the bath the mother can let go, she does not feel the weight, and she can relax well. However, a single tube is not enough for our traffic, at least two, which entails serious maintenance and sterilization costs. I will not give it up, of course, because the method is very good, and most of the mothers who give birth are praiseworthy.


However, Doctor Krasnaya also agreed that childbirth can only be a real condition if the mother receives physical support in addition to physical attention.
- This is the biggest challenge for a doctor, or for a baby. I always try to choose my co-workers to meet this aspect perfectly, because the exact expertise is not enough, the psychic safety must be given to the mother in the same way.