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Rhyme, as he said

Csilla's baby cries a lot, in a terrible voice. The mother is in doubt, she does not understand why she cannot bear her grief. Let's see what the expert thinks.

Rhyme, as he said. What can I do?

Dear Judit,

Dуra our baby - after five years, the flask's intervention is finally born! Perhaps I had an idea of ​​the baby being too big, and we got a shovel machine. Baby Durra develops fleshly and bodily, smiles big, good - we melt. My problem is not that she cries too much, but THAT… Dura can't cry, ordнt-visнtand with so much power! And I'll be so nervous that I will explode! My parents insisted that neither of us was so lousy (so are we brothers and sisters). My mother's mother is even less likely to listen to this list. I'm amazed and angry at myself for being a patient person at my workplace (I'm a ow!) I don't even own my own kid's ball. And would you have known that this would always be the case? Who's wrong with that? With me? Dуrбval? Or with either of us? My friends have comforted me that this is a request for a bloodshed.
Csilla N., Csnkszereda

Dear Csilla!

Yeah, if you know that baby shit usually "annoys" her parents, That's how you reach your goal. Almost all moms are amazed that when their next child is crying, it is virtually no more than street noise, while the crying of their own child acts with such elemental power that they try to do their best to calm down. That's for sure constitutionality cause this kind of bullying, I don't think your parents make a mistake or do something wrong or maybe don't want it to happen. I don't think there's anything wrong with you. Dura is certainly fine. But I can really figure it out for now not "fit in" with the baby, Йs it megnehezнtheti mindkettхtцk dolgбt.Valуban vйrmйrsйklet kйrdйse it may be, but not mellйkes aspect is that very little of the vбrtad fцlfokozott йrzelmekkel. Talбn also mondhatnбnk that you can mentally hosszъ йven бt voltбl бllapotos huge hullбmhegyekkel, hullбmvцlgyekkel, йs vйgьl csalуdtбl in whom so vбrtбl. Don't think you're alone with this! Many parents feel that their child is not what he or she is expecting - it's just so hellish to talk about it, maybe we won't even admit it to myself. this is the era. In the meantime, you have to wait, but - I say - it's getting lighter, after a couple of months. You bet that once you start to "letter" your little one and discover the world, you suddenly realize that instead of orthodontic, you have a very lively, inquisitive, restless, sharp-minded baby, yeah yeah, it's gonna be easier, but what do I do in the meantime? After all, I feel the inertia of my soul every day. We have known many anti-diabetic methods in the ancient times, but these "modern" parenting principles have made it a big blacklist, beginning with the little baby favor. cannot be indulgedThe testkцzelsйg the ringatбs the szoptatбs the dйdelgetйs ugyanъgy elementary igйnye than minхsйgi tбplбlkozбs, clean levegх йs the tisztasбg. These are not lacking the conditions for healthy physical and mental development. The human ъjszьlцtt termйszetes kцrьlmйnyek kцzцtt the mother of all testkцzelsйgйben close percйt tцltenй - I do not feltйtelezhetjьk jуzan йsszel to the йppen termйszetes йletmуd бrtalmas szбmбra.A legtцbb baby almost immediately stops sнrбst when the mother lays bare mellkasбra or kцti magбra a hordozуkendхben . Rocking, breastfeeding, singing, preaching also work well. It is also often the case that the father or just another adult successfully soothes the baby. It happens that due to the fatigue and anxiety of the mother, the little one does not feel safe with him, but the "delivering army" is calm, and it also radiates to the smallest thing. , and never for a moment would a man's soul be overwhelmed, nor would he ever want to be more of a believer or a deep sea bastard. Accept the help of others and fully enjoy Dura's lighter periods. Do not try to target other children: х such, single, unrepeatable. У Durra.Related Articles:
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