Harper Seven also spat on father All Beckham family was out on the rope

David Beckham's sons are real football enthusiasts and there is nothing to admire. We can now say that her little, four-month-old baby boy, Harper Seven, is on his way here.

The little girl was only four months old on November 10, but she watched her father open-minded in March, who had just played a decisive match with his team at the LA Galaxy in Carson, California. As this was the first time that a baby girl was into the realm of football, we can say that the spell had a purpose: it brought good luck to the team! The LA Galaxy defeated Real Salt Lake in a 6-1 match against Nov. 6 so they could play and play in the MLS Cup on November 20th.
Even though the baby hadn't taken his eyes off the bloody battle of the clouds, his mother, thirty-three-year-old Vicktoria Beckham, had been busy with the little Harper Seven.
The three sons, twelve-year-old Brooklyn, nine-year-old Romeo and six-year-old Cruz, were already frequent players on the football field when dad played. They still shot down the Sussia team and ran for the first time to participate in the celebration at the end of the match. Cruz also brought along a gift that he gave to his father in a jiffy.
There are good reasons for the celebration: David Beckham will soon finish his most successful season on the Galaxy, with his year playing a huge star.
David Beckham was also a strict father. As he recently told Time, everything is followed by his father's example, who has never forgiven him. The football star wants his children to stand on the ground with two feet. If, for example, the boys ask if they played well, they would be considered a commendation if they said, "Yes, great, but it could have been better!"