Four twins were born in Debrecen

At the University of Debrecen Clinical Center, four twins were born on Thursday evening.

Pregnant twins were born in Debrecen (Photo: Illustrated by: iStock) The babies were conceived by artificial insemination and were born at the age of 32 in the age of 26 years. Childbirth started spontaneously after the mother had been lying for 4 weeks at the Department of Birth and Pregnancy, and the fetus was assisted by cesarean delivery. The couple's twins are their first children, the 3 girls and the 1 baby are healthy, weighing between 1230 and 1750 grams. The mother is also good, and we can expect to leave the clinic with the babies within a few weeks. Most recently in November 2016, there were four twins born in the institution, and before that, 30 years earlier, she had the most recent twin birth at the clinic in Debrecen.(VIA)Related links:
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