And what do you eat?

Awesome book on Hungry Planet! Have you heard about it? In successive photos, you can see an average family from countless countries around the world, drinking what they eat in one week on the table or on the ground.

Three Years Travel, 30 Families from 24 Countries, 600 Foods - brought together Peter Menzel fotуival Faith D'Aluisio in this impenetrable book, with photos and exciting information on you can watch a blog.
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Our photos come from Time Adjustment.
On Peter Menzel's website (you can find information about his other books here as well), you can read hard words about why we started taking photos and reading this book: Americans eat fish, and the world has the highest price ever! How's this for fish? It is true that most of us know how unhealthy sugar is, that there is nothing in the body that the body really needs, that a lot of fat and white fl well, because it makes you sick for decades, even though there are few who are going to become healthier. At one of the American family's tables there, he was watching over a large pile of broccoli for industrial food, but that was it, the weekly greenery was spent!

Photo: Peter Menzel, family from Germany, $ 500 a week for food

Comparing the weekly food consumption of families on different landscapes and cultures around the world leads to astonishing results: even in Germany, it costs less than $ 1.5 a week for a week.

Photo by: Peter Menzel, The Aboubakar Family at the Bank comes at $ 1.23 per week

But higher costs don't necessarily mean a healthier supply. The table of the most family-photographed family in America collapses under a lot of money bought for nothing good: there is chips, lots of candied corn flakes, lots of cold bottles, white bread and bread in the mountains. On the other hand, at the other end of the world, the Namgay family in Buthan spends just over a dollar a week on a meal, but the heap is such that I'd happily accept it everywhere: fresh vegetables, fruit!

Photo: Peter Menzel, In Bhutan, the Namgay family spends five dollars a week on this.
No one in the family is too expensive

Can globalization make it so much junk food on a Mexican family's table that consumes a lot of greens and fruits? Pill bottles are good for killing the unsuspecting (?) Worldwide with lots of sugars, artificial colors and aromas.
Kьlцnцsen tanulsбgos the kцnyv one tбblбzata, letцlthetх Menzel honlapjбrуl pdf, amelybхl leolvashatу how it looks in szбmok nyelvйn the kцtetben йlettartam szereplх orszбgokban szьletйskor vбrhatу the termйkenysйgi mutatу the бtlagjцvedelem, doctors szбma szбzezer lakosonkйnt, valу clean ivуvнzhez hozzбfйrйs , daily calorie intake (and how much of this is the amount of animal protein in the animal), the percentage of the population's body weight is undernourished, how much is it, obesity, diabetes, how much alcohol is in the country, how much is how many cigarettes are consumed. It's no secret that the United States beats the field in many categories (number of diabetics, obese, overweight). But it is logical that they consume 71 kilos of sugar per head and per year.
And how would your desk look, filled with weekly consumption? Make a prize, put it together, take a picture and send it to us: [email protected]!