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Advent program for little ones and big ones

Even December can be imagined without a heavy candle light! Don't be alarmed by the cold and the cool number of exciting programs around the country!

Dance and move with the baby
You don't always have to sit at home! In order for your family to be engaged and jovial, it leads you through your jovially. Ever heard of this great opportunity? If you usually carry your baby, give it a try.
Christmas party on December 19th at the Kor-no movement hall (14th floor, Lхcsei street 43, Bosnian street). For vibrant Latin music, you can also try this new venue in Budapest, which will help you to feel good together, and to perform well-formed, gentle steps. If you get very tired, you can train yourself as an educator so that you can organize it for your baby in your home.
Advent holiday in Balatonfüred
Take a look at Lake Balaton, the beach, Tagore in the summertime! The scent of mulled wine attracts parents, with exhibitions, concerts and children's color events awaiting those interested, including the Duchess.

For example, on 16 May, Kisfaludy Színhazz Arcsz's Fairy Tale was performed by "The Fairy-Soft Tales" - in Karlsruhe-Armenia - a fairy tale and craftsman in the Vaszary villa.
Chocolate hair and hot kids
From the age of six to seven, you might be thinking of that. If it's December, or if you want to celebrate with a special program, try the chocolate-based fat, where kids can learn how to make real chocolate, just like.

Hanukkah programs for kids too
It's not just the Advent wreath collecting candles this time! The Hanukkah celebration of the Jewish tradition falls between December 9 and December 16. The first day of the holiday will be celebrated on Saturday, December 8th, and the last will be on Saturday, December 15th, evening. If you are curious about how this is done, you can visit the House of Candles any day! Hanukkah commemorates the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian rings (165), the cleansing and re-enactment of the Jerusalem shrine, and the glorious miracle of eight days. The Hanukkah means consecration, referring to the event that, following the victory of the War of Independence, the Jerusalem sanctuary, which was unholy with the churches, was ordained again. And here you will find colorful offers from a variety of Hanukkah programs, including music programs for children.
Do you want snuff or light?
On December 16th, from the third Sunday in Advent to noon, the reps, beasts, smarter, and small mammals at the headquarters of the SYMA Event Center will repeat. Children are prepared for the organizers to learn how to play exotic animals. There will be a kid's corner with the Lost Animals Foundation, where little ones and the bigger ones can find themselves playing games.
In the organization of the Hungarian Guinea Pig Club, the neglected guinea pigs to the right will be featured in the fair. This year, for the first time, we may also see a exhibit showing the need for livestock keeping, which is considered a very rare rare animal. But there will also be the usual insect, stinging, stinging, stinging, and sickness to admire both small and large. You may also want to feast on some of your favorites under the Christmas tree.
1146 Budapest, Dуzsa Gyцrgy ъt 1. Entrance fee: adult: 900 HUF, student: 600 HUF, free of charge in 6 years
Large families can get fifty percent discount, and their skin is free during the age of six.
Advent Kalбka Concert
On the evening of December 15, at eight o'clock in the Bartók Béla National Concert Hall, Kaláka and his guests will perform: Szilvia Bognár, Bolya Mátyás, Balazs Dongoku Balabs, Bea Palya, László Szirtes, Edina Mуkus and Bolyk. In other words, we can expect a spectacular, unforgettable performance! It was just twenty years ago that Kalkaka first applied for Christmas. The first kids who grew up on this may have become a father themselves!