Raising the Family Bounty for Some Families

The Democratic Coalition initiates a 50-percent raise for family members in single-parent families where earnings per capita are less than the national average.

Raising the Family Bounty for each Family (Photo: iStock)This Gergely Aratou, the couple's spokesman said at a press briefing. An opposition politician cited a recent study by the Journal of Demography, which found that single parents with children in Hungary are in an increasingly poor situation, as the average number of people living in poverty is almost twice as high as in the few. Gergely Arat—É drew attention to the fact that in 2010 single families were barely more than 10 percent poor, now everything counts as a single parent's poverty"FAMILY AND THE IMPORTANCE OF CHILDREN FOLLOWING" It seems important to have single parents and children raised here, DK urges you to take immediate action. the family party in single-family families where earnings per person do not exceed the national average. This would raise $ 6-10,000 per child It would also affect about 300,000 children - he said on request. He said that in the future, the government only sees taxpayers, "the dairy cows of the future", who are not interested in children being raised in poverty because of misguided family policy.
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