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This will be life with 3 children instead of 2

A mother's sincere confession of what she learned since she had three children.

1. It really does count that you have a child… very much.Somehow, the majority of people think that a child is just as much a noise as two or three. Total death. As many children as you have, so many little people will need your heart all the time. United Arab Emirates.2. There are things that you will not need nowThere is nothing more demanding on spending than when a third child comes into the family. With plenty of diapers, medicines, and so many other things, you realize that there are a lot of things you really don't need, such as paying for life. Interestingly, however, I do not find this sacrifice at all, simply a necessary change that is inherent in the expansion of the family.3. Asking for help is more important than everAfter the birth of my second child, I began to appreciate help very much, and after the arrival of my third baby, life is unimaginable without it. Simply incapable of doing all three movements, all mothers have to do. That is why the friends and other family members have helped us a lot and we are very sorry.4. Children can be very helpfulMy son is 7, my son is 4 years old. Who would have thought that such a helping hand could be so old? My girlfriend folds baby clothes, and my son takes the trash every Tuesday. In the morning they go smoothly into the spa and cook breakfast when they find that I'm stuck with their little ones upstairs. Virtually real little rock stars. I know it's hard to give such small kids a responsible job, but I encourage all mothers to do it! They are much more capable than we think.5. Work With You - Now You Have Your Biggest NeedDo I have time for a manicure and a long drink in the evening? Well, no. Is it hard for me to find time to exercise or meditate? Well, of course it is. But I'm making sure I can find it because I know I need them much more than ever. And when I do, I feel a much better mother and woman. It's very easy to forget about myself with three kids, but I realized that neglecting myself is just as bad as neglecting my kids. I simply can't afford it - read on
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