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It's not just women who have postpartum depression

According to a British study, not only new mothers but also fathers can suffer from depression.

According to an article in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, a British research team examined 87,000 British medical pairs of babies born between 1993 and 2007. They have discovered that many parents have been prescribed antidepressants, but have been diagnosed with depression in the past.
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playback Usually, 14 out of 100 mothers suffered from depression in the first 12 months after the baby was born. The number of cases dropped to about 6 in the following year, then gradually decreased in the following years. In the case of the Fathers, the number of cases was only 3.56 for the whole 100 heads. Then, these values ​​ranged between 1.95 and 2.72 until the kids reached the teen age.
The data also shows that men were more vulnerable to depression. At the beginning of the study in 1993, the ratio of depressed fathers was 1.61 out of 100. This number increased to 2.87 in 2007.
All in all, mothers who suffer from depression. During the first 12 years of the child, 39 percent of mothers had a depressive episode, compared with only 21 percent of males.
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