So praise the child wisely!

Praise is a very important element of children's confidence and appreciation. However, it does not matter that we do.

Praise and mood are also very important

When our baby is so small that he or she is alone at first, every little bit of triumph is given out with triumphant joy; Almost all of our days "Oh, but you're crazy!" It goes through months - years - and triumphs, even though we often stay with us, somehow lost their significance. We are expecting more and more things, and sometimes some things that, if we think about it, maybe we shouldn't expect it. In addition to the feisty signs, there are sometimes feeble, harsh, violent, hysterical signs.

How do you praise yourself?

Praise is a very important element of children's confidence and appreciation. I also add that the words spoken are almost as pronounced as the words you say to yourself. Praising gives the child incredible strength and support, but these support pillars can fail if our praise uses only tokens. Kind, nice, good, great, best - What's wrong with these praises Praise can work in this form too, but if you keep using tokens, you give it properties that you can change. What we once gave you can be taken back sometimes. He's single - when he unloads his toys alone, but he's single - he pours water out of his glass for the third time that day. Yeah, baby - when you give your baby to a neighbor to play with, but it's bad - when you don't want to come home from the ice cream. One of the tokens will kill the other, and even his parents you will receive opposite signs of your personalityhow can you navigate them? In adulthood, it's a lot simpler because there's a evolved, but our baby wakes up, "I'm so like this!" Let's give him a solid foundation and a solid foundation for construction.

What is a Lieutenant Praise?

Instead of using badges - qualifying - to write down what we have seen or feel about the thing. and it may be easy to think seriously). However, if you see what the best praise is for you, you can tell her that she especially likes the fact that the wormhole is not just plain but is made of star and all.Now you can ask what it is. And what's the special praise for that. If you describe what you see (blue and yellow snail shell) and / or what you feel (especially like), you testify that you have actually observed that plasticine figure. Generally speaking, being "handsome" is something you can say even if you haven't even looked at it. THE attention and feedback for real gifts.Special bonus for making them a child can praise himself: I can make a beautiful colored wormhole! Second bonus is that he will praise the deed! Let's look at a few examples. In one of our first groups, a mother told me how her baby boy was praising her for being gentle, highlighting how straight her feet were. The baby boy became so enthusiastic that he did not want to quit. In another group, the mother praised the baby who brought her morning coffee with this method, and the last thing we thought was that last morning at mom throughout the day.We said when we were introduced to the dicsĐčretnek with this method of family, we were not born to have such side effects. Then, in time, I give birth: what you praise, you still have to look at it every once in a while, you have to listen to it, and in the end you will be happy to know it. After all, I think the value of the currency lies in the reality. You do not store signals, but sensations and conditions that cannot be separated by signs with the opposite sign. When she makes the following sensation, this time made of plasticine and orange and green, she imagines that her mother will see it for herself; when she sees that she is actually looking at her mother, and this time she highlights something different from her. giving you a game they still don't have, has an impact on the book, and gives you feedback. No one and nothing can take away from them. They will be the real gems in the pillars of your self-confidence. If you have years of doubts about yourself and your abilities, you will be able to revive these memories, knowing that once you have been able to do so, you may be repeating them. Because everything you need is right where it is: in it, and no one can take it away.
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