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That is the amount you should drink a day, according to the specialist

According to the dietitian, one should often drink little. Let's see the recommended frequency for fluid intake.

It is recommended to drink 8-10 times a day in smaller quantities - He told Antal Emese, chairman of the Dieteticians' National Association in the morning broadcast of the current M1 channel. He added that thirst indicates a slight degree of discharge in the body. The expert said that all types of fluids are good in flesh, but in the long term hot drinks are cooler than ice drinks. As the food and drink is hot, the body begins to cool down. He also said that sizzling foods also have similar effectslike hot drinks. The difficulty, high-calorie foods, however, were not recommended because they are a heat generator for the body.How to Distribute Daily Fluid Intake Emese Antal recommended the consumption of high-water vegetables, fruits, soups and sauces.