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Breastfeeding - Dropped on Facebook

An ex-cop got a mother-in-law as she was breastfeeding her baby in the Great Circle while she was driving. The picture (with face and system) was also posted on Facebook, where comments were immediately "filtered" by the mother.

Breastfeeding (illustration only)

As stated by, she set a mother on an extraordinary pillow to breastfeed her child in a car. In addition, the police went for sure: the mother's face and system were up on the public side to be completely identifiable.
And what was the reaction of the people? What's common with public breastfeeding: is the nip in the eye - because what about not breastfeeding at home? Even the "(ex) police chief" has firmly established the temper:
"I thought I'd seen everything ... Today at the Circuit a girl called "mother." nursing your baby while driving. No, not a child, only the driver needs a lawyer. I put my system straight, so daddy talks to him a bit in the evening. At least I hope so. He could definitely tell him what to say."
Even though breastfeeding is discreetly under public cover, it has still provoked disapproval from many people. Already, the fact of breastfeeding in the car alone has ripped people off the fuse. The fact that he did all of this in leadership was just icing on the cake.
One "nice" comment:
"Idiota, you should go to the apartment with such a small child and not drive or have itchy moms. Nowadays, my mothers are not sure what to do."

It's dangerous to say it's dangerous

No one disputes that this method of breastfeeding is entirely dangerous. By itself, it is a fact that the child is alive and not engaged in childhood. Child Safety in Carriage by Public Transport 1/1975. (II.5.5.) KPM-BM Joint Decree, which has been amended since 1975. For the first time, an integrated child restraint system (meaning: in childhood) can only be transported with the air turned off and, literally, only as long as the foot is over. However, the safest way to do this is still in the back.
Breastfeeding can distract the mother from the driver, which increases the risk of an accident, and a short flare-up would squeeze the tiny head. It is important to note that breastfeeding is not an example for anyone. But! Leathering is by no means a matter of harsh word of mouth commentary from an extremist or community site. Mostly not in this form and style.
In March 2014, the passport of the Citizens' Book changed here: you must apply not only for photographic use but also for production unless you are a mass organizer or middleman. So the ex-cop was doing something right when he photographed her and her baby in the car, not least when she made it public on Facebook. And then we did not even talk about the ethical, human side of the act.