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Starfoot with a huge tummy? Yes! We recommend three super moms and kids photos.

With the spread of digital photography, studio photography has become increasingly popular. However, if you choose the photographer well, you can have beautiful pictures and memories in the studio.

Romantic picture of Hellomamitou

Of course, the trends have changed a lot over the years, and today, for example, little mothers don't hide their tummy in huge mole pants, and for a while, "tummy tuck" hasn't been a taboo subject.
We really recommend a quality workshop and a photographer if you like this idea.

Hell, Mommy!

Spending time with my last trimester baby is usually fun. Hormones are working, maybe they have just quit their job and are on maternity leave, liberated and generally forgotten.
This is also emphasized by her pictures Judit Бdбm, the most frequently read in her blog is how fun each photo was. The harmony of the photo and model is reflected in the pictures.
Wide smiles, elaborate accessories, liberated children.

Dozens of Tünde photographed by Easter last year

Soft feet, innocent, ethereal newborns, round tummies.
Tucsek Tünde six years ago, she was a photographer at Maternity Magazine and looks like she fell in love with big tummies, tiny feet, tiny hands.
Enormous sensitivity and affection for your favorite topics.
Our website reads: "I love Mom's smile as she sees her baby doll in her tummy, the lightly glittered fluff on the newborn's incredibly tiny body parts, the thousands of little grimaces that greet them.
These are moments worth celebrating. With tenderness, love, attention, no templates. "

Beautifully crafted unique image a


The photoshop of the Smile Site, Steff Szabygy he started his career as a fashion photographer.
As he made the most famous women's magazines, he became more and more interested in civilian photography, as he found this task more exciting and interesting.
She started photographing pregnant women for a friendly indulgence, and then she was captivated by the liberation that she had, and she became more and more enthusiastic about making magazines for herself. And, from the photos of a mother in law, she came straight to the children 's photography studio and outdoor.
Forgetful, joyful moments in front of the camera, cozy, beautiful images.

Wonderful room, unique apartment

Get on the wall!

The special feature of the Smile Workshop is that the pictures are also printed on such a beautiful round screen.
Really unique, the décor of the home is perfect for any present.