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5 useful digital stuff that can be good for any family

The digital world is surrounding us. We may not even be able to imagine living without our lives, today's children are already called digital natives, who have a technology as natural as the air.

5 useful digital stuff that can be good for any familyParents have a tremendous responsibility when it comes to what and what digital content a child encounters. when they are most sensitive to information. That's why we've collected the top apps that are worth downloading when you have a kid in the family.

Da Vinci Kids

Almost everyone is interested in children, so absorb knowledge like a sponge. Da Vinci Kids is a lousy application that has more than 2500 Interesting Educational Videos Available in a wide variety of topics, children can obtain information about the world, whether it be historical, cultural, technical or scientific, according to their interests. In addition to educating, entertaining, and getting your kids closer to learning, short videos can be an exciting and rewarding activity that kids will get away with relatively quickly, such as traveling.


As an adult, we can often see how unpleasant the eye is when we stare at the monitor or tablet for a long time. It's not like kids either. In this case, 12-15 blinks per minute will decrease to 0-4, which in addition to causing a dry, stinging sensation will also impair their eyesight. The Snapshot application is designed to indicate when we are keeping the phone at a distance and when we forgot to blink. It does not do all this in text, but by popping a grain or a head, so that children who can't read at all can use it effectively.


Also for the purpose of boredom caused by prolonged bleeding, PocketMan is an interactive application that guides children to the world of Man. The application developed by psychologists and socio-educators not only captures children's attention, but to stimulate the visual power, creativity, social and problem solving abilities. Following the introductory tale, the parent has the opportunity to choose exactly what life situation he or she is having with their child, who will be given the task by hand. If human children help man get out of the trap, they will be rewarded and participate in new adventures.

Pinyin Hushkin

Although Pénzьgyi Hszsképzõ is not aimed at the youngest, it is much more appropriate for the 12-15 year-olds, but it is impossible to go beside it, because it deals with a very important area: children with financial education. Challenge 100 games give monetary heroes missions, which, when successfully completed, will receive mission points, that is, tokens. In Husky, with the help of a Mentor, you get to know how challenges work, and get to know a variety of economic situations and decisions.

Smart toothbrush

In the smart world, a wealth of tools for kids can range from smart to smart toothbrushes, which contribute to the safety and health of even the smallest members of the family. Philips Sonicare is one example sonic toothbrush developed to help you love brushing your teeth with children and to teach them how to use a toothbrush correctly. With the bluetooth device application, every pet can choose a virtual hair that needs to keep their teeth clean. Tamagochi-based toys not only teach children how to brush properly, but also that they do not eat something fresh after brushing: for example, if you are looking for ice cream, it doesn't look like it is right.
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