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So far, 2.5 thousand have requested car support

Over a week, more than 2.5,000 people have requested support for large family cars.

So far, 2.5 thousand have requested car supportCatherine Novák, Secretary of State for Human Resources, says she has $ 5 billion available next year, and she has a budget of $ 10 billion available next year. Signed: they hope the following tens of thousands of deceivers a year they can help with this form of donation. Support is required when the family has three or more children, or the mother is expecting the third child and has completed the third month of her pregnancy. In the case of raising a child with a disability, an adult child is eligible for support as many as they can. up to $ 2.5 million in support for buying a new car for at least seven people, the amount of support may not exceed half of the purchase price of the car, and may be used in the case of a leasing contract with a closed end. he also ran a test car of up to two thousand kilometers can be purchased with support. According to the MNB's resolution, full use can be made of partners if there is a need for credit at the time of the car loan.
Support available through the state treasuryand the families do not have to pre-finance the amount. During the first week, 2.5 thousand applications were submitted to the Hungarian Treasury either personally, by letter or electronically, with 30 days to process them. There are some families whose affirmations have been accepted. With proof of eligibility, families have six months to choose a car and sign a contract. The purchased car must be affixed with the Family-Friendly Hungary sticker. Katalin Novovk stated that the car purchased with support cannot be sold for up to three years in order to prevent recurrences. Hangsъlyozta the csalбdvйdelmi akciуterv cйlja that Hungarian children nevelх csalбdokat tбmogassбk, йs megkцnnyнtsйk young people the gyermekvбllalбst.Kardosnй Gyurkу Catherine, the Nagycsalбdosok Orszбgos Egyesьletйnek elnцke the sajtуtбjйkoztatуn said, according to the felmйrйsьk nagycsalбdosoknбl the gйpkocsipark szбzalйka tнz йvnйl 70, 35 and 15 szбzalйka She's older, too. The tбmogatбssal lehetхsйgьk nyнlik to korszerыbb, biztonsбgosabb jбrmыre cserйljйk the autуjukat - raised by the ki.Elmondбsa autуgyбrtуkkal organize a "test hйtьlйses day" is the хsszel where gyбrtуk bemutathatjбk, csalбdok of the program is kiprуbбlhatjбk Catherine megvбsбrolhatу autуkat.Kardosnй Gyurkу tбjйkoztatott I am sure that all information about the program is available on the association's website,, in the inquiries, and in the utility vehicle calculator.
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