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Because of smoking, he lost control of his children

A Spanish male has lost control of his two children because of smoking because of the irresponsible way his children's health was endangered.

Because of smoking, he lost control of his childrenAccording to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, the father "in a completely irresponsible manner endangers the health of minors by neglecting their own addiction," he said. we wear the smoke, and the older, 13-year-old kid said his dad is still collecting in his room. it would be logical if children were not protected in their homes just as they were in public places, educational institutions, workplaces, health institutions, every citizen, whether a child or an adult. after a joint supervisory oversight so far, they have only been able to exercise the right. So far, they have raised children weekly so that the father can spend two weekdays a week in the future.Related articles in Smoking:
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