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Esther's Diary - Week 9 I can't tell

The state of things (nausea, sickness, etc.) is unchanged this week, but I don't want to go into details because why?

There are a couple of dudes when I can pull myself together enough to go somewhere. Down to the garden gate, for example, or better off, a couple of streets away. Slowly, carefully, comfortably, with a leather, hoodie underneath, with a bulging hood, no bra, that it doesn't squeeze, nothing squeezes my neck, stomach ache, nothing on my stomach, a banana (I haven't spilled it yet), a cola (if it is wheezing), menthol sugar (if it hiccups after losing it) and a lot of paper handkerchiefs (not if my nose is flowing ...). Anywhere, the stimulus can come at any time. Another way to look at the usual streets, find corners, doorways, jumps in as little as ten seconds. How good I am to be a cool Newbie - I say, everyone says when they look at me, and I see they've been out of the air with such a vampire face and so much gagging. But now it is hard to watch, almost painful, and I have seven heroes that I am so horny, that I am so fucking tired, I am tired of suffering, but I am not going because it is the only thing that happens to me. I would go to my Thai boxing trainers again or do aerobics, boarding, biking, partying. But there is something, and now I know the reason, it really helped. I am not involved either, I am a virgin Muslim, I am still against my appearance and my public status. I'm gray and stubborn. And exhausted.
I don't accept that you have a woman with only a belly and me and my badger. This intensity is also wrong! I would only be sick in the morning, but I would be sick all day and night. With all my dearest respect for those who have long-standing illnesses, I think a lot about them.
Juli's friend was 29 years old this week. I went to her house party, but just greeted her in silence. Sometimes I sipped at a party, but I was really thinking about what it would be like to be home and sleep. At night. I was suspicious of everyone, "Eat, you are very quiet, why don't you squeal or dance?" - The innocent asked. Well, there is something in me ... flu - I answered mysteriously. No one suspected what the situation was. Despite the fact that I am a mother of another, I do not count on childhood. She didn't come because she didn't have time or because we didn't love each other. Ellenkezхleg. We just haven't been home a lot with Géza lately, and her work often gives birth to foreigners and I took advantage of it, so I went into it looking for more opportunities. Many times it wasn't easy when we were outside for months on two different continents, but it didn't matter because we were all together anyway, that's for sure.
So I wasn't suspicious. I talked a lot with Bari, who was also hanging out on the couch next to me, not to be too excited about the party, but good music and going to be out and you don't know if anyone is going to have a baby? But Bari didn't even know we had been talking about it for a dozen minutes, and he jokingly remarked, "You might be pregnant and ask me because you're wondering if you are alone in this shoe!" Banggg - I heard the louder drumming in my heart, but of course, laughing, my irresistible charm convinced him that I was not his. And of course. It's not been a month since I came out of the three-week surf, we've barely "seen" each other yet in Graz, but we really plan on loving each other now. My story and my presentation could have made a perfect consonance, even though who liked to lie and play a mascot, because I wanted to say, and even say, so much more. Because you are ready, done, finally grown up, you will never see an Estonian who jumps in the neck of talking people after Chit.
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