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Plug in because I consider them a mistakeMarch 21: World Down

Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic differences. There are many, but we hardly see them. In our society, we always hide what we consider to be a mistake. Don't keep us here for a while!

Down syndrome is due to the multiplication of chromosome 21 (trisomy). Among Down syndromes, like non-Down syndromes, there is enormous diversity. Most people with disabilities have advanced disabilities, many more mature, while a majority of them need help and care throughout their lives. One of them is that they carry the signs of Down's syndrome on their faces, so it is almost inevitable that they should behave in the opposite direction. If we knew them better, if we were more open, they, too, could make a difference in the world.

Lose your thoughts!

Find out what the DS really is! It's a good time for Down World Day.
- Meet a special baby who is historically Down syndrome!
- Read - among others - arrows to see how DS children and adults are being rewarded in other parts of the world.
- Attend a great event hosted annually by the World Theater on Down World Day. Sunday, 18th will be the end of the year!