Answers to the questions

Not many games will make a kid happy

For a year, no British mom bought a new toy or dressed her baby. He came to a surprising conclusion.

Hattie Garlicklike most first-time moms, her two-year-old Johnny, two-year-old, had everything at once. However, when he learned that 474 million games were dusting in British households, that is to say, every British player had seven useless games, he made a big decision and ended up in a one-year experiment. did not buy the gameinstead, he made cardboard box games for him; did not introduce it to the little occupations, instead they gardened and went to the neighbors; he didn't spend on a baby hairdresser, and Johnny ate what his parents did instead of special children's food.

The kid doesn't have to keep playing

Hattie was surprised to find that even though there was no more disbelief about the change, the other little boy usually eats the food he has done, and his mother makes it out of cardboard boxes. Garlick solved the move by doing that clothing exchange parties organized with moms in the vicinity.
Slowly the obsessive and the little boy's mother are happy and happy.