Burn your calendars - Take a hot bath!

According to a new study, if you buy a hot bath, you burn as many calories as you go for training. Do not you believe? That's the way it is!

Want to lose weight? Direction of the Free!

If you were one of the lazy moms, you couldn't get any better than Before long, you are going to have a hot, pampering bath and marry as many calories as if you were moving. At least that's what the scholars say. Sхt, dr. Steve Faulkner, a researcher at Loughborough University found that a relaxing, hot bath is good for the mind as well as helping prevent Type 2 diabetes and other illnesses. Faulkner carried out tests on 14 people who had to buy and move a hot tub of 40 degrees Celsius. The one-man exercise bike killed a lot more calories than the bathing, but the result was staggering you can get rid of the same amount of calories with a one hot bath and a walking bath.The doctor also monitored the blood glucose levels of the participants in the study. They showed similar values ​​after sporting and bathing. He also studied dr. Faulkner on how participants' blood glucose changes after graduation. For those of you those who bought hot tubs had 10% lower blood sugar levels After a meal like those who went to workout.Of course, the benefits of exercising are undeniable, but as long as you encourage yourself to wear running shoes, buy a hot bath workout tip!They may also be interested in:
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