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The Dental Company of California, California has conducted numerous studies on the impact of our sugar-consuming immune system. These studies have shown that the sugar capacity of white blood cells decreases with increasing sugar consumption.

If the same person enters your body with an equivalent amount of six teaspoons of sugar (much more sugar is contained in a half glass of pudding), that white blood cell can kill only a dozen bacteria. If we consume twenty cubes of sugar, our white blood cells can kill only one bacterium, and that's a ninety-two percent drop! This effect of sugar is not only momentarily valid, but it is fully effective throughout the urine. This means that after the absorption of twenty teaspoons of sugar, our white blood cells are not able to perform their function properly, and our body's ability to resist the disease is severely reduced. It is also a problem that many foods containing sugar are not considered as sources of sugar. These include, but are not limited to, soft drinks, cakes, ice cream, marmalade, honey, chocolate. Here are some simple tips for protecting the health of our children:
- Instead of candied drinks, we prefer our children to use fiber-rich fruits or water. If we give them tea, we add it without sugar or with a little honey.
- Choose fresh fruits for dessert instead of sweets.
- Minimize the consumption of sugars, chocolates, cakes, puddings, fritters in order.
- Use a little sugar in the making of desserts! The raisin, the banana, can be an excellent starter, provided that we can use them for that dish.
- Let's be conspicuous in the consumption of honey.