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Metropolitan Government of Ferenc Jahn South Pest Kourrza

In Living-Pest, the living room is the baby's realm. You are the ones who make it, and they are the initiators, even if they feel it, change is important. (Let's look at May 2009 status.)

dr. Csányka M. Gyцrgy
Photo: Melylov

When Dr. Gyula M. Csányi, Head of Department, consulted the interview with the chief physician, he indicated that he might not be available at the time, but that we were looking for Helge Gerdei, the head nurse. Because what he says is so. The babies are really taken seriously here, the only obstetrician where the official position is that if there are no complications and the mother does not want the person, then there is no need for a doctor to give birth. The expectant mother may choose to give birth, but it is also possible that she will have a baby who is very close to her.
- The atmosphere of the alternative bedroom can be attributed to our children, and they encourage further changes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of akadбlya бtйpнtйsnek: a egyszerы oxigйnvezetйk бthelyezйsйhez the egйsz kуrhбz (including the intenzнv osztбly) oxigйnellбtбsбt should бllнtani down - says Csбkбny doktor.Azt sikerьlt elйrni any case, that the szьlхszobбk, which is one of the oldalбn fьggцny tйrelvбlasztу, egymбs utбn wall They receive. To our surprise, Helga says that pregnant women do not compete with the alternative living room, and others use it just as fondly.
- If the mom needs it, the ball is moved to any room, but there is also a bean chair. They are born on the crib, and we can make them all narrow, almost down to the floor. After giving birth, the mom gets dressed up in a classic pussy, and here they can have two babies together, with no restrictions on the baby class. Most moms at night are not with the little ones, but rather those who choose the single room. At night, the mother gets the baby milk, but if there is no milk, she takes it out to suck.

Helga Gerdei, chief executive, explains
You know what you can use
the alternative in the living room
Photo: Melylov

After cesarean section, the father gets the little one. Dad can't go into the theater. In the case of a smooth birth, the father and another person can be inside - usually a grandmother or a friend. Breastfeeding is tailored to the needs of the baby, and only nursing infants in the PIC2 class can be breastfeeded so that the baby can be nurtured, cared for and treated in an accessible manner. Matured babies are not included in the PIC and are treated next to their mother's bed, so they can suck at any time.
"The best medicine for yellowing is breast milk," Helga says, "there's no point in taking the baby off at this time." It is possible to visit the corridor, no one except the moms can enter the gyms. With the exception of this single room, daddy can be in the dad alone. The rest of the visitors can see the little window.Facts, figures
  • In 2008 there were 2143 births, 28.5% of which were cesarean.
  • Five bedrooms, one with homely furnishings, a bath, a double bed waiting for pregnant women. It is possible to get pregnant in water, not to give birth.
  • Anesthesia and infant formula available 24 hours a day.
  • Mothers can decide whether to keep the baby with them.
  • There are one-, two-, four- and four-bed rooms in the children's class.
  • The hospital operates a neonatal intensive care center (NIC) where we can care for premature babies born after 33 weeks.