Facebook has blocked the photo of the affected father-son

Facebook oz have made the photo of a daddy look like a sick baby boy, too sexual.

Heather Whittenhad a night that most mothers didn't want for themselves. In the middle is a 1-year-old little boy, Fox sick and very weak. Time went by, the vomiting attacks and the stomach just didn't want to go away. Fox's father, Thomas he wanted to help the sick baby boy, so he first thought of a special kind of medicine: he fell in love with him in the shower and two outside, until Fox did better.

Thomas and Fox in the shower

While Thomas was taking care of the little boy, Heather took a few photos of the touching scene. "He was shy. There was nothing surprising or unusual about me, he always shows such devotion to children," she told Today. Heather shared a photo on her blog, adding: you see something I like, I catch my photo quickly. "He thinks it's okay to her husband and her son are nakedand her husband helped sick children. But not everyone agrees. According to a Facebook user, the photographer it is too sexualwhich should be banned rather. We also blocked the image - twice. Thomas, on the other hand, made a name for himself on the net: he was extremely proud of the photo and the name that made his nipple famous. Although the baby boy seems vulnerable and has fallen into the arms of his father, he doesn't think Fox will ever complain about it, and hopes he will rather have such a father. Check out the original article here. More articles from the father:
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