A drop of blood reveals who has defended a bend

95% of the population should be protected for wall immunity - this rate is currently 85%.

A drop of blood reveals who has defended a bend

That is why protection is important

Bend protection has been a requirement of the developed world in the last decades of the last century. Even though the disease has taken its toll on millions of people every year, after vaccination became obligatory, only curvy disease occurred rarely in these countries. However, in the past few years, more and more people have been suffering from bends in countries believed to be defended - reports the Nephew. Almost a month ago, he was alarmed to find that a curvy patient was being treated at the facility. For safety reasons, 55 health workers who had contact with the patient were vaccinated against bending at the Iron Hospital.

Protection is not always adequate

It would be useful to investigate in Hungary who were defended against the disease, said Peter Nemeth, immunologist at the Medical Faculty of the University of Pecs. It is possible to get protection against a bend, either by being ill, ill, or vaccinated. Obligatory protection in Hungary since 1969: barely a few patients with bends were registered each year, And for the past 50 years, there has been no fatal infection. However, the deficiency may decrease over time, which prevents the disease from being completely suppressed. The vaccination has been more effective since the 1990s, and it appears that those who have been immunized thereafter are more defenseless. however in today's adult population, the proportion of those who do not have adequate protection may be high, due to inadequacy of the initial vaccines and the inadequacy of the vaccine system. Those who have not been vaccinated in their infancy may also become ill.

A new exam may help

To prevent and control the curvature of the curve, an examination was developed at the University of Pécs' Immunology Institute, for which a drop of blood is enough. The procedure controlled the blood of nearly four thousand people in the past few years, revealing that up to 15 to 20 percent of patients can become infected. Нgy there is also a chance that the disease will return to the head According to Péter Németh, since only 80-85% of people are protected, and the threshold for herd immunity is 95%. Of particular importance is the examination of those who meet many people - such as health workers, law enforcement officers, or educators. The cost of an exam is about 2000-5000 HUF, the introduction would have to be decided by the government or by the health department. It was 1 million forints because they were all vaccinated. However, based on the Pécs survey, only 10 to 12 cases would have been necessary: Thus, health insurance could have saved more than half a million forints. Related links:
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