The child's tooth faded - Causes and what to do

The white tooth will turn gray at once, and the baby will be barren before the phenomenon. What can change color and what can a parent do?

The child's tooth faded. What can cause it?

"Help me, my baby has just fallen, and now his teeth are gray. Should I take him to the dentist or wait for him?" - Lots of letters like this, we get a request. There may be several factors in the background of decayed teeth, and with the help of a specialist we have now done so.

Tooth decay: it can be caused by tooth decay

 Dr. Veronika Бgnes Jancsik According to the dentist, caries is the most common cause of gray discoloration. "THE caries of milk teeth "health is not a major risk - it is considered to be almost a disease," said Dr. Jancsik. " many parents do not treat it, so they say they will fall out anyway, but this is not a good idea, because the caries of the small milk teeth are very soon can lead to tooth death, which can have serious consequences. Such a consequence could be the csonthбrtyagyulladбs, but the bad milk teeth also affect the development of the remaining teeth. "There are also cases when tooth decay results in a tooth that is completely asymptomatic, but fibrillation - a red, swollen minor swelling - develops in the vicinity of a bad tooth, which in any case required dental care."

Accident can also cause tooth decay

However, there may be an accident in the background of dental teeth. According to the dentist, 70 percent of the accidents are in the range of 2-3. It is alive in the immediate vicinity and mainly affects the maxillary teeth. "In our muscular-toothed children, the smallest tumbler can unfortunately have an accident on the milk teeth. The most severe form of a tooth is a complete tooth displacement. crown - looking over the mouth, over - - and thatpart of the root is broke. There are times when you can see a toothache, but there are times when only a minor tooth decay indicates an accident. In this case, we have to take into account that the milk tooth is dead. Nowadays, dead milk teeth are not only treated with tooth extraction, they are modern "tooth rescue" treatments too. Their application always depends on the condition of the child's teeth.Unfortunately, even when the tooth that has suffered an accident is decayed, we cannot prevent detention differences. Such a consequence could be themourning the remaining tooth, tooth decay, a change in the shape or structure of the remaining tooth. In case of head, face and tooth decay, make sure to consult your doctor - recommended by the dentist.Discussion can also be caused by structural defects in the tooth. The difference can also affect dental caries, enamel, and dentin. Sometimes they are "simpler", just touching the tooth gray-brown dots changes, but there are serious diseases, often affecting the entire bone system. However, the incidence of this is very rare in the milk sector, with a very 1% incidence.

It can also cause medication

There may also be cases where the tooth extraction is caused by the side effect of a drug. All right, exactly tetracycline antibiotics can cause discoloration, but their application during tooth development, not recommended for infants and toddlers up to 8 years. THE fluorides Excessive intake may also contribute to the coloring of the milk teeth. don't overdo it with the help of the internet as it can run into many years of information. And just as there are no two exactly the same children, so there are no two tooth diseases. An accurate diagnosis can only be obtained through a dental examination.Important articles in this topic:
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