Mankу to the fallen

The realization, the good intentions, the desire to help, created the Transitional Home of the Maternity Foundation. Its existence has given more than a thousand mothers and up to two thousand children the hope and opportunity for a new life.

He called it life

In the years following the changeover, many people found themselves in a difficult situation, as low-wage dwellings and the number of workers fell sharply, and less educated, low-income people could not afford the rent. These facts have led many to serious insecurity. The homeless, the destitute appeared on the streets, the tensions inside the families increased, the law, the aggression and the alcoholism were frequent.
In 1992, the Hungarian Red Cross set up a small room to help mothers and their children stay safe and unattended to leave their homes and without any other cover and financial support. Follow-up example in November 1992 - the first maternity orphanage of the Maternity Trust Foundation opened its doors in Budapest XX. kerьletйben. Due to the steady increase in the number of people in need, the home was further expanded in December 1997, so that we now have 79 rooms in 22 rooms to solve the problems of the home's residents. It works for you. and a retreat house, which, after staying here, gives the individuals concerned greater autonomy. Today, around seventy transitional homes are provided nationwide for those in need in the countryside and in Budapest. There are homes where "only" mothers can get protection with their children, but in other homes, the whole family can be there.

Transitional security

As with transitional homes, placement is for a transitional period, which is regulated by the Child Protection Act. The Parent's Charter provides protection for mothers and their children and allows those affected for one and a half years to benefit from home services.
A larger enrollment contact is with the child welfare service, but the moms themselves also turn up when they become aware of them through the media or acquaintances. Naturally, the system also has the guards, the police, and the courts on board: they also tell the institution if they encounter a particular case.
Like most homes of this kind, the Maternity Trust Foundation, which is also the largest maternity home in the country, works with a list of blood. Many times we have to wait weeks and months for a positive answer. Enrollment is on a one-to-one basis, and the applicant must have a full certificate from the CBT.
Home financing has to be on several pillars. In addition to normative support, stakeholders pay a settlement fee, and homeowners seize every source of appeal to get money. A variety of donations (clothes, dishes, pet food) from people with the same touch can make a big difference in home life.

Derailed lives

There are several reasons why and how mothers are moved to leave their homes and be forced into temporary homes.
Generally, the poorest strata of society are affected by this problem.
There are some mothers who are going through a social crisis because they are in prison and are unable to provide for themselves and their children, have no job, are unable to pay subsistence, etc.…
The other main causes are physical and spiritual punishment. Rather, they run away from the victim who, in most cases, suffers from severe alcoholism. Many alcoholic males punish their excesses, life partners and, in many cases, act against their own children. Most women leave home many times and desperately seek refuge from relatives and acquaintances before moving to a temporary home.
When it comes to the fact that a woman eventually moves into her mother's home with her children, the man seems to be sorry for the actor, and in the world, he does everything, and then, after the first summer, starts all over again. In the home, women feel safe, and they do not have to be afraid of actual punishment.

Home security

From the outset, the Maternity Trust Foundation places great emphasis on providing complex, wide-ranging aid.
The aim of the institution is not only to secure the place of accommodation, but also to restore the mothers and improve the quality of life. They help in learning, finding a job, and integrating into society.
We can support mothers and children with clothes from the Institution's utility store, and help families in need with food and medicine.
In the home, social workers look for problems for those affected, such as obtaining official documents and documents, seeking unemployment benefits, and looking for financial support.
The Maternity Trust Fund also successfully fulfills women's legal representation. At the institute, your lawyer helps mothers with legal adjustments.
Specialist medical care is also provided for the residents. Protectors teach mothers the proper care and care of their babies.
There is also a psychological counseling service in the institution where both children and adults can attend regular counseling sessions. At the same time, the children of the home can go to wanderings, to kindergarten, to school, and this is a must for all children.
Children's programs, creative games help children develop their imagination, imagination, improve their skills, and in many cases, they can also be used for stress management.
The management also tries to help with job search, tries to get the adults to earn a living, and so they have a good relationship with several companies. The workplace is very important because without it, we cannot despise the feet of mothers who are already in a difficult situation.
One of the most important and difficult tasks of the foundation is to bring home from the home, so they also contribute to the creation of a new home by submitting support.
With all this assistance in mind, it should not be overlooked that it would not only require maternity homes, but also affordable social housing, as these families would be the biggest help - says Eszter Farkasolt, lead by Farkasolt.
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