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10 nasi that children will love

The majority of adults spend the day with three or even two meals, but one child is always ahead. Here's a little idea for a healthy snack!

- Children are unable to bring in the necessary nutrients for a grown-up breakfast-lunch-dinner for adults - said in a statement Melissa Halas-Liang, a Los Angeles nutritionist. - It is therefore very important for adults to pay attention to the nutrition of their children between meals, so that they can choose healthy, strong adults.Fluency cannot be without all the rules, it is worth gardening among small smaller meals. No matter what we give our children, chips, cookies, and fruit slices are not recommended at all. Mostly, they are a lot of added sugar and do not contain the essential elements that children need, "says the expert. fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products, such as yogurt. Recent research also found that children who consumed green and cheese snacks had to take much less calories to feel well-off.Of course, it is easy to say that we should give children healthy food when it is not so attractive to say a yellow rape. The secret to it, just like in the kitchen so often, is the meal. Here are 10 creative and healthy recipes!
  • Take a cookie cutter of any shape and cut pieces of cheese and greens that work. They can be stitched up to loop loops, so molded into shingles.
  • Make smoothie with frozen mango, blueberry, blueberry or pineapple with low fat yogurt. Let's roll it into ice cubes, sprinkle it in a bowl and put it in the freezer. In a few moments, the divine house ice cream is ready.
  • Slightly slice an apple or pear, and then lightly slice each slice with light almond butter. Place the largest slice on the bottom, one smaller, and all the other by size, forming a tower.
  • Frozen peas or corn may sound strange at first, but almost all children love them. In fact, we can toss it with a little grated cheese.
  • We make a delicious milk shake with frozen banana milk and peanut butter.
  • Sprinkle yellow carp and apples on light, matchstick slices, and stir to combine. Finally, fool it with a lightly roasted sliced ​​almond or di.
  • Mix a can of tuna with some dried cranberries, greek yogurt and mayonnaise. They can be spread on celery pieces, but we can also use a measuring cup.
  • Let's cut two full-length pies and put them on the kids' favorite greens. We grate some cheese on top, then cook it in the oven for a little while and the mini pizza is ready in March!
  • Cut a banana into two pieces, immerse it in yogurt and then rotate it in grated, roasted almonds. We can eat it right away or cool down.
  • Let's slice an apple, then stir in the oats, cinnamon and a little brown sugar. Let us roast and bake until the slices crumble. At night, we can spoon a little yogurt on top.
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