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I'm like a pregnant woman! Judit's diary - Week 20

In movies, I often say that phrase, and I, like others, just laughed at it. On the other side of the pile, it's not that funny anymore…

I also noticed that there was a ghostly wink between my little mother, which she might not take for granted. For the week I went to the hair salon, where the receptionist girl had at least the tummy tucker that I had. Not only did I get a new hairstyle out of line, but she kept asking me not to ask if I would ask for tea or water. But on other occasions, I noticed that as I was walking down the street, a "level musician" smiled at me, pushing his tummy in front of me. Come on! A new experience where my belly swells up and down in the middle of the play, which is very funny from the top, and I screamed out loud for about five minutes before my lord screamed that he was gone.
I can just get stuck in a laugh, the other day I had to roll or quadruple the animal photobomb series so much that my weight was exhausted. But unfortunately, the other side of it works perfectly too: I became incredibly crazy. My mom asked the cook a few weeks ago to get my hormone attacks, and we both shook our heads: I don't have one! Yeah of course.
As with all things that a man can do, that he is not concerned, the guardian would immediately send a proverb, saying, and I'll show you! The whole thing started with the summer still gone, and I was peeling more and more. I persuaded myself that I wouldn't feel better about situs, so, or just because, I was sinking into depression for a few days. I thought my life was a dark shit, the very least of which I could survive, but it would require at least some energy, fun, and preparation. I didn't have any of them.
It is not the good lust that prevails over me, which in moments kills man, which is more a purifier than a move, which inspires love and understanding. I'd rather fall for it. Jesus, this whole thing that appeals to me is how much it's rocking! There is no order for housing, my job is still precarious (and it will probably stay for a while), my son will be born soon as we can not pay attention to our land and the world is rushing! And my couple will definitely leave, probably still today, since I'm fat and have no use, just heels, and I'm not good at all. I was yelling at the cat, too.
Then, on top of all the ruins, I just wrote, everyone talked about it. The situation is no more tragic than it was just a few days ago, I just forgot to get out of my life - which is not typical of me. Perhaps that is why he was able to conquer this terrible state because he was so alien and so strange that I could not do anything with it. I shook off my back as I noticed the discovery. So last night, I was a little crazy again because my dad was feeling his dick for the first time. Now, when I write this down, I beep again. Of course, I know! Only hormones…