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Boys' genitalia: how to clean it professionally?

Cleansing and cleaning the genitals and peri-males should be part of the daily routine. What do we need to accomplish this easy task?

Boys' genitalia: how to clean it professionally?

Most neonates observe that the inner surface of the foreskin is increased by the acorn of the penis. This is a completely natural phenomenon, but it leaves most mothers with insecurity, as keeping the child's sexual organs clean may seem difficult. it can lead to cracking and scarring, which in turn causes serious problems.

So how do we clean it?

In infants, change the diapers carefully first and then the penis back. To do this, use an alcohol-, color- and fragrance-free buttocks. For children with more sensitive skin, a gentle water wash with a soft cloth is best. This is followed by the foreskin бpolбsa.Kb. until the child is two years old, it is only a matter of carefully wiping the genital area of ​​the child with a damp cotton pad or a gauze pad while backing the tissue with the back of the skin. Removing the pee roaches and the popcorn remains of fine radishes is an important task every time. Repeat this process at dusk. Here, too, be sure to only apply the skin as lightly and effortlessly as possible. If the skin does not come up, no problem, do not force it! Because sensitive children can easily become inflamed by the presence of chemicals in showerheads and baby baths - which can also lead to lower adherence. It is also important to be aware of the importance of this procedure in children aged 2-3 years. Also, teach that the water under the forearm should be carefully watered after each bath.

What should I do if my foreskin is inflamed?

As you age, the foreskin and the acorn spontaneously begin to separate, so that the foreskin can be replaced. The separation of this two layers is yours. It is made up of sebum, which is made up of the sebaceous glands, and is made up of corneal, leafy mast cells. This can be a hardened, white fetus, which can cause galibia if it is overproduced and cannot adhere to the fortified foreskin. If you suspect inflammation, you should definitely consult a pediatrician who will assist you in the next steps and refer you to the appropriate specialist. Since inflammation of the foreskin can heal with scarring, which can lead to true nutrition, so do not delay your doctor's visit.


By about the age of 5-6, when the natural dissolution of adhesion has stopped, we can do this for the child. Let us show you carefully and teach him to clean the foreskin and make sure he is doing the right thing. Choose a neutral, fragrance-free soap to keep your sensitive skin away from irritation! Handle it with confidence and confidence! Further articles on genital cleansing: