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Dental tooth wear is also common in milk teeth

Toothbrush is mainly caused by acidic drinks and foods, and the tooth enamel is reduced by the thickness. Teeth are sensitive, discoloration may occur, and may need to be sealed.

Dental tooth wear is also common in milk teethIncreasingly frequent tooth decay with milk teeth - this is what he called attention to Dr. Tуth Zsuzsanna. director of the Semmelweis University Conservative Dental Clinic. Diabetic foods can cause tooth decay, often consumed fruits, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, and energy drinks, which can cause tooth decay, even in children. If we use dehydration after eating, eating cheese or drinking milk, they will help neutralize the acidic environment. Tooth brushing is a good idea to get an urn after your meal. Water also measures acidity. Toothbrushing reduces the thickness of the tooth enamel, over time the teeth become more sensitive and thicker. The tooth enamel may disappear completely, and sensitivity can also be a pain. You may also need a seal or a crown. It is important that your dentist sees your teeth semi-annually so that you can notice the change as soon as you have no symptoms. The dentist can slow down the process. Dental wear is also caused by chewing, which is accelerated by nocturnal tooth extraction. Poor tooth brushing techniques do not favor the process either. Dentists recommend soft, dense bristles and small toothbrushes, as all surfaces are good to remove and plaque is removed.Related articles in dental care:
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