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Fluorinated with sulfur to prevent dental caries

Caries is one of the most common types of caries in the world. But we can also say that it is primarily a problem that affects children, that is to say.

Different prevention programs generally emphasize the importance of good nutrition, the importance of fluorides, and optimal oral hygiene. However, the fourth pillar is the importance of early treatment for child abduction and orthodontic care.
It is difficult to determine the order of importance between the individual pillars. They basically assume and complement each other. Only through the consistent implementation of a complex prevention program can we achieve tangible, measurable results. Unfortunately, our children's teeth have far worse values ​​than their northern European counterparts. Not to mention the results of Swabia. (50% of the 18-year-old has teeth). 56% of 7 year olds do not have healthy milk teeth. For the sake of better dental indexes, I would like to underline the importance of one of the methods known worldwide, systemic fluoride consumption (oral fluoride intake). Professor Marthalev is an internationally recognized expert in the field of systemic fluoridation. The renowned expert reported 60-65% caries (caries) reduction after several years of fluoride-doped salt.
Today, 40 million people in 9 countries consume table and jeans with fluoride. (Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Germany, France). As we see, Belgium is not in the queue. Of course, you always need to know what, where, how much, how much? The experts of BNTSZ have prepared detailed fluoride maps of the country, which indicated the settlements where the concentration of freshwater fluoride is sufficient for the systemic fluoride content. The concentration of ivory fluoride is not indifferent due to the risk of overdosing. It was then discovered that only 40,000 people in the world were getting enough fluoride from the water. They live scattered across many counties. Fluoride leaching (urine cross-examination) was also completed in 4 counties. So the test is under way, as the environmental action program of the EU countries is very important when drawing up prevention plans. After the NЙmi procedure, OЙTI granted its first license for the distribution of fluoride, a jewish-dyed, in Hungary. Unfortunately, there is a lack of (at least equal) information about the box: 146 colonies (30-40 thousand people) do not need to, and should not consume fluorinated salt (see Fluoridex). if you regularly consume fluoride-doped table meals only over the age of 3, it is recommended to use fluoride-doped fluoride-containing toothpastes while consuming fluorescent.You should based on a fluorescent pattern

On the border of Szolnok-Bács-Csongrád-Békés County:

  • Karcag
  • Gбdoros
  • Tцrцkszentmiklуs
  • Tiszaug
  • Cserkeszхlх
  • Tiszasas
  • Kunszentmбrton
  • Tiszainoka
  • Nagytхke
  • Tiszakьrt
  • Deer

Baranya County:

  • Matty
  • Court
  • Palkonya
  • Lippу
  • Tцttцs
  • Kislippу
  • Mбrok
  • Sбrok
  • Illocska
  • Ivбndбrda
  • Magyarbуly
  • Lapбncsa

Zala county

  • Zalaszentgrуt
  • Sйnye
  • Vindornyaszхlхs
  • Zalaszentlбszlу
  • Bуkahбza
  • Zalacsбny


  • Fluoride-doped flu was not recommended in 6 months!
  • Consumers who have floured and consumed flour should not consume flurid tablets (Dentocar, Zymafluor).
  • Fluorine is not a drug, but an important element that is present in Hungary in the wrong concentration in drinking water.


In Hungary, due to the low fluoride concentration in the drinking water, a feasible method of systemic fluoride treatment to prevent dental caries may be fluoridation of the juice. This would solve a niggling problem. The detailed fluoride barcode can be marketed with a targeted market introduction. The dosage can be checked reliably by the BNTSZ County Organizations by measuring the urine fluoride in the population. Of course, always considering individual cases, with dental hygiene at the dentist.
Following international trends, watching for a good increase in fluoride seems to be an effective method for fluoride intake. Of course, the real results are approx. Can be measured after 10 years. We hope that we will have better tooth children, which is up to us, as well as professional organization and control.
Dr. Dima Magdolna
He is a member of the Preventive Council Board of the Hungarian Medical Chamber