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You can help lose weight by sleeping more

Losing weight is usually a matter of diet and exercise, but a new study suggests changing our sleeping habits is important if we are serious about weight loss.

An online edition of The Daily Telegraph quoted US researchers who found that doubling the chance of reaching their target body weight was when somebody slept six to eight hours a night. If we sleep more, we can become inactive, if we sleep less, our stress levels increase, and very often eating and even unhealthy meals can be followed.

Sleep helps the diet

The American Kaiser Permanente Health Consortium researchers conducted a survey in Portland, which involved about five hundred, on average, 55-year-old obese people. The volunteers took part in a 22-hour course, reduced their calorie intake by 500 calories a day, and added at least three weekly movements.
In addition, they kept a diary in which their lifestyle and habits were included. For example, how much they slept and how much tension they felt.
Six months later, participants succeeded in reaching the target weight of at least 4.5 kilograms. As it turned out, their diets were more likely to succeed for those who slept between six and eight hours each night. In the group of volunteers who had slept so much and reported low stress, three quarters of test subjects achieved their goal. The same people were twice as successful in dieting as those with the highest levels of stress and sleeping less than six ounces.
Charles Elder research leader suggests that weight loss clients change their sleep patterns, for example, by reducing their number of evening activities and getting them to bed earlier. It is also useful to exercise more, because it reduces tension and helps you sleep. Meditation is also a good idea.
The study is published in the International Journal of Obesity.