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So many organs are affected by a tooth problem

Tooth diseases not only damage tooth tissue, but can also cause problems beyond the oral cavity, for example, increasing the risk of premature birth by eight times.

At least 50 percent of the Hungarian adult population was affected by some form of serious tooth disease. Not only does it damage the area around the teeth, it can cause problems and diseases beyond the oral cavity. Tooth disease increases the risk of cerebral infarction, heart attack, and increases the risk of premature birth eight times. People with dental conditions are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and have a negative impact on the condition of diabetics, warns Dr. Bartha Kroly, deputy director of the Conservative Dental Clinic.So many organs are affected by a tooth problem Non kontrollбlt cukorbetegsйg nцveli the fogбgybetegsйg kialakulбsбnak esйlyйt hбromszorosбra, which in turn is negatнv hatбssal the vйrcukorszint szabбlyozбsбra - magyarбzza during szakember.Terhessйg you have already csekйly sъlyosabb нnygyulladбs also can occur in addition to mennyisйgы lepedйk, which mбsodik йs the third trimester of kцzцtt legsъlyosabb. Pregnancy-related dental disease increases the risk of premature birth and low birth weight by about eight times.
Caries and tooth inflammation are considered to be diseases in Hungary. It would be reversible with prevention if proper tooth brushing techniques were used, or if regular dental check-ups were performed at least every half. Tooth decay and tooth disease are also caused by plaque. With inadequate brushing, virtually every healthy person can develop inflammation, which is the forerunner of tooth disease. Good tooth brushing techniques can be checked at home with plaque pills. A small, soft toothbrush is recommended and should be replaced every three months. Йtkezйs utбn not tanбcsos wash immediately with your teeth, just as soon as fйl уra elteltйvel, idхt should be in mind that the tбplбlйkbуl softened fogzomбncba be caused by the szбjban acids nyбlbуl visszaйpьljenek the kioldуdott бsvбnyi anyagok.A fogszuvasodбs kialakulбsбnak kockбzatбt nцvelik improper tбplбlkozбsi szokбsok, pйldбul the Snacking or consuming sugary drinks can help significantly. The Deputy Director of the Conservative Dental Clinic advises that you should visit your dental office regularly, without waiting for pain to appear. On the other hand, half of the Hungarian population turns to dentists only in the case of pain. 80 percent of tooth patients can be avoided with professional brushing and regular screening, or at least be able to slow down the process to such an extent. However, if you have a tooth disease, you should start treatment for it as soon as possible.
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