The first official "Forgotten Tree" or "Dummy Tree" in Kispest was inaugurated

On World Medical Day, Cumi was inaugurated in the garden of the Wekerle Culture House on November 29th.

The First Step to Healthy Teeth Preservation

The Government of Kispest and at the Helen Doron Europark Children's English Language School, a joint organization of World Dental Day Pacifier-fбt inaugurated in the garden of the Wekerle Culture House on November 29. The main aim of the unique initiative is to make the so-called "soother-tree" naturalized in Hungary, so that the children can "donate" themselves to the their healthy teeth are preserved.
"The idea of ​​Cumifa came to me when my dear friend just complained in summer that she couldn't quit a 4 year old baby girl's cumiru. in a park. The tree was filled with thousands of pacifs and vouchers… If there is a need for it, maybe we will find support for the enlightenment in Hungary as well. ”-
Orsolya Matos, a dentist, told the children and her parents who were on the scene, not an absolute drawbackif their parents are accustomed to having a baby's pacifier: "The suckling stimulus of the newborn is strongest in the first 3 months, but there are babies who have this eagerness, so let's give it a try if you want. baby, you will learn it outside suck your finger. Cumming has several advantages over finger sucking: it is not always handy, only when given to it, it is sterilized, it is less likely to get an infection than your hand, and it is formally more favorable than the ever larger finger. "
If finger-sucking or cumming is prolonged, in the worst case, until the remnant of the tooth is removed, severe deformity of the bones, open bite, with its aesthetic and functional consequences is certain. "Цsszefoglalva: babies with a strong breastfeeding eagle can give their mothers a dummy-sized pacifier from the dentist's perspective with a calm heart, only to be able to buy it at the age of 2 to 3, "said Dr. Matos Orsoly.
Peter Gajda, Mayor of Kispest Municipality, said on the spot: "When Muni searched for the idea in the summer, I did not think for a minute, I had a great opportunity to have Cumifa, I believe in having two children. fontossбgбt… And the Garden of the Wekerle Culture House is the best place for this mission, for the children of Kispest and for non-Kispest toddlers on the tree in the middle of the summer. " , and daddy. "I saw how much of my child difficult thing for a toddler to get rid of a familiar and beloved pet. When we think about how much bad habits we have grown up with, it seems to be a bagel for toddlers, and it is really commendable that they can get used to this. Although I personally know a variety of methods, so far Cumifa has been unknown to me, I wish it was an effective solution for all toddlers and their parents. "