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Bad teeth can cause premature death

Successful treatment of tooth disease can also reduce the risk of premature birth in a baby, American researchers say.

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Playback According to American research results, effective treatment of gum disease can also reduce the risk of premature birth in infants.
The results can be attributed to a series of examinations with 160 participants, which were presented to the profession by American practitioners at the Conference of the American Dental Research Association.
Studies have shown that babies with tooth and dental disease can expose children to the risk of developing oral hygiene three times before week 35.

During pregnancy, we should pay more attention to the health of our teeth

It has been established a long time ago that a heavier tooth infections They stimulate the production of prostaglandin and tumor necrosis factor, and these compounds are known to play a role in the initiation of the problem. weekly - during the study period, professionals tried to properly treat each mother's infection, which was successful in one third of the cases.
Successful treatment of litter complaints showed a close relationship with the onset of childbirth at the right time - unsuccessfully managed tooth problems and there was a significantly greater chance that the baby would be born before week 35.
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