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Did you say baby bottle?

Continuous cumulation (up to eight urns a day) infrequently causes tooth decay for up to three years. This is something we, the parents, can thank the child for, since we gave the baby bottle.

- The baby does not need baby bottles at all, and the thirst quenches her thirst. It would save us a lot of trouble if we didn't introduce the baby at all to what we're going to get used to later.
- Don't put the baby bottle in the baby's hand. The mother should keep it while eating, and then take it immediately. This way, you can prevent your little one from holding your teeth between walking and playing for long periods of time.
- Let's see the baby in the feed, look it in the eye, just deal with it. Thaw after eating for a while so that the baby bottle is not in sight. So she will tie it not to the baby bottle, but to her mother.
- Do not add glass-flavored juices, only the necessary nutritional supplement, boiled and chilled water, or unsweetened baby or fruit juice. When your baby is squeamish, you are not hungry: do not put the baby's mouth in your mouth, but use another method, perhaps more rigorous for your baby.
It is more difficult when bad habits have been established: the small cocoa falls asleep with baby bottles, carries with it a glass full of sweet juice all day, etc. Gradually eradicate bad habits.
- Three days later, we tell you how much and what little glass is consuming. Now, let's give it less by half a deciliter each day, and we'll use the rest of the bottle.
- Only add water, morning milk and unabated milk to the glass. Fruits and cocoa are offered in glasses.
- Don't let him talk about baby bottles. Take it out, water it if you see it, take it out.
- As an alternative to baby bottles, oral cups may alternatively be an alternative solution - it is not so pleasant to hold between the teeth and the child will put it down sooner.
- Keep the baby bottle out of sight. After a meal, we offer you a glass of drink.
- When the child starts to babble, let's deal with it: let's talk, juggle picture books, sing, pick it up, stroke it. Divert your attention to some personal occupation when asking for baby bottles.
- First, suck up the baby bottle in the sun first, and when it goes well, let's just start the night's quitting. In the evening, we drink milk from the dinner table. Let's give you some nice new stuff. At night, fill the glass with water only, add water if needed.
Goodbye to baby bottles
In addition to solid diets, we should introduce drinking from the glass along with the use of spoon. If you always put baby bottles in your mouth, wheezing every time, not addressing the cause of the sore throat, the problem will be solved - and even your little teeth will be in serious danger. So the little one also learns to replace himself with trouble by using solutions instead. The baby bottle is for convenience when needed, and is used only accordingly. At the age of two, there is certainly no need, since the little one sits at the table with the family. One to three years are needed for one liter of fluid a day. After every meal, snacking, walking, and tasting a little glass.
Together with your small child, buy any plastic cup you like, the trophy you want to drink from the glass. If the baby bottle has been consolation so far, we will replace the bottle with extra patience and attention during the quitting period. Don't give it a whimper, but let's see what's wrong with it and try to get it right. Let's include some surprises (but not biscuits) in these situations. We can distract you with small toys, a jumbo box and a round bottle filled with gravel. We have to bear in mind that sometimes we can't help it despite our best intentions (because it's tired, it's hot, it's bored), then let it go without you, let it go out, calm down, take care of it, and love it. Besides gradual withdrawal, decisiveness is also important.
With enough time to spare, baby bottles may eventually disappear from our lives.
- First of all, it is used only for meals, it should not be removed from the kitchen cabinet most of the day.
- For the second week, we consistently give what we have made of glass so far. If the baby is ripe for change, he or she will readily accept it. Especially when you see our determination and peace of mind.
Are you always a pacifier?
The use of baby bottles is becoming less and less justified at the age of one. Breastfeeding infants may not need it at all, because when they are eating besides breastfeeding, they drink from a glass or eat with a spoon. However, this is often not the case.
If your baby receives formula (or tea), you may stick to baby bottles or accept only steaks and fruit juice. We reload the hot steaks, thicker fruit juice from the lightweight big-hole or spoonful of baby bottles, start to cook, drink, or drink. Bring the baby in the feed to the family table when everyone is eating. Of course, this assumes that at least in the morning, at noon, or in the evening, others will come to the table outside. We make little soldiers out of bread, soft boiled potatoes, rabbits, kale, and this is usually picked. In the meantime, we can put a few spoonfuls of paprika in the mouth.
Do not prepare the baby bottle at the beginning of the meal, but if I really miss you, give it your usual meal. Let's try again next time without baby bottle. If you have piped over the usual amount or have it drained into your mouth, you should not dispense the baby bottle at all, but the next meal may come a little sooner without the need for a baby bottle. It is important that you do not have the glass in your hand at all during the day, and do not leave it between your teeth all day. Let's put a little drink on the bottom of a plastic bag. Initially, he will pour it out, so it is better to give him a drink only in the kitchen, or to practice non-sticky, sweet liquids. You can also enjoy eating, drinking glasses with a new, interesting shape, a color, a handy cannula, a full ride, which is just the year.

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