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Can Your Child Play Pokémon Gou?

Half the world is crazy about the debut of the barely light day.

We find it almost impossible for anyone not to have heard a Pokémon Go called smartphones, but if it were like that, we would briefly describe it. Wings of Pokémon cartoons can be collected in real geographic locations with the help of our phone, in a kind of extended currency. With the help of positioning, our craftsman shows the actual environment in which we are. And developers have hidden Pokémon in a variety of places: they can be collected in shopping centers, parks, and schools. Well, let's not let the kid out alone, because, as we thought, there might be wings, and it's better that the smaller ones aren't alone on the streets. Of course, it can be dangerous for adults too, for example They cross over so they don't look up from their phone. Because games require both location and mobile internet, there is a risk that the gadgets will soon run out, so that the child cannot even call us where he is.If we can't prevent the kid from trying out the game, we should be partners, let's play with him! If you have two phones in the family, you also have the freedom of your own device, but you can't lose sight of the baby. But what if your child doesn't want to play with his parents? In this case, let's talk to him about the area he can walk in. Inkбbb let go five with his friends to be more, instead of playing alone. Be sure to talk to them about safety, about who you can talk to and with whom, and how much time they need to call us. , not surprisingly, even if we're not, your friends or the playmaker will hear about you. And the kid is the kid that everyone wants to try out. If we decide to let the kid play, we should definitely create an email boy (which is necessary), possibly with his own name (not the kid) and make sure that your personal data remains secure.

Are there any benefits to the games?

The application encourages users to move out of the room and be active - well, this is a positive thing in and of itself. It's true that the kid still enjoys a screen, but he does it at least outdoors and moves on to it instead of wrapping himself in the couch all day. And just because it's a phone game, that doesn't mean it doesn't have any social interaction - it's actually a can be a fun way to make new friends the child, or to spend more time with their parents. (VIA)Also read these:
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