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Order and Tidying - Review by Tamás Vekerdy

The chick wants order and does not understand what his wife does to the kids all day. The superfluity, however, is the importance of breathing, cooking and making children feel good. What do psychologists think about the importance of order?

"What are you doing all day?"

"Fools, we've got some of the sharpest, most bitter of what we say about 'why is there no order', 'what are you doing all day?', 'The kid also leaves everything because you are so messy' , "rather cook it!", "do not cook as much!", "I just ask: let's order!" As this may turn out, my husband tells me that, while I fully admit, " I have to add, and maybe the biggest problem is that I don't even have the order he wants, "the ultimate." Of course, the kids' clothes and that every day the kids cook (and they also eat it), that the beds, turkeys, etc., I think are tasty, clean (even if they are not ironed), do not take it, or at least do not say it. to say "what am I doing all day" is the breast of three kids And, of course, I can answer "why do we sleep so much" (that is, we go twice a day, go out and play, and not pay at all). Based on the above, I believe that everyone who has only minimal experience or experience in the household can capture the whole day. We go downstairs twice because the kids are hardly expecting this, run happily, getting rid of the relatively crowded, but cramped living quarters, and seeing them blush out in the open air. And for kids to leave their games in their room, I don't mind, my boyfriend says yes. Sometimes I find myself being loaded with joy because my husband is coming home soon and I drop it often, and I don't think too much about my children's father, which is very bad for me. I don't know how we got there. Of course, while the two of us were having a problem with ordering, I was just kidding about what my husband had to do with the "extraordinary" order on the board. But my boyfriend did not have a problem with me. My question is: what is your, what is more important to the kids: your lunch, the daily walk, lots of tales and all the hilarity, stupidity - or "order" as my husband elkŠ¹pzeli? How can this be resolved? "

Tamás Vekerdy's Choice and Opinion on the Importance of Order:

Yes, kids have a good lunch, a daily walk, lots of fairy tales and fun together, silly goodness, it's important to them, it gives you body and mental alertness, a good mood and a sense of security. The constant tense tidying up, tidying up and tidying up for children is immeasurable. As we say, a normal kid is dirty and torn by the end of the day ... And with three kids, the sun is really busy (even when we're not cooking), everyone can experience it, but Who's just spending the day with just a kid or just a kid! (In the old big families, it was natural for the mother to have help, and in richer, smaller families, the more than once - or just so many - staff helped the children around!) "the mother is messy", but because it's so natural. If the kids are lucky enough to have their own room, I will leave them scared, as the next day they may continue playing where they left off the day before. (Of course, there may come a time when the narrow pieces leading from the door to the door are buried just to say, "My child! I don't care anymore! We make order now!" And then we must not marvel at it. kid, the smaller the more you tidy up the shelf not only stacks up on the shelf, imitating me, but also takes off something again because you can't resist the loathing of free games. In that case, "tidying up" while they are there ...) There are many favored elements in claiming the ultimate order. Your husband may not be able to change this because his internal preparation for self-care is so powerful that it radiates to his entire environment. This indicates a certain type of tense psychic state, and if it comes with the kind of hardship you describe yourself, then improving your condition and saving your relationship is important to me. Of course, it can be difficult for men to often say "you go to the psychologist, you're in trouble, not me". At this point, you should know that this very message indicates that you are in trouble!
Now, as the holidays are approaching, it is of utmost importance to know that we do not strive to make all the exterior things perfect, such as the order of the home, but rather to have a pleasant, intimate atmosphere together. another trick of consolation: I remember a study in Germany that showed that "messy" people had a significantly higher chance of finding something - like an important document - that they were looking for like a regular order, things, but then they forget where to go.The following articles are also related to this topic:
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The Question and the Answer The parents' question, the psychologist's answer, appeared in Book 2. More about the book HERE